Monday, February 25, 2013

First Baptism!

Area:  Pukalani, Maui
Companion:  Elder Niemann

OK well I'm here again and I'm not really sure if I'll be able to transfer all of my thoughts into an email in 35 minutes (I had some technical difficulties). Kim's baptism was good I also got to be the witness which was cool. The confirmation went pretty good even though I was a little scared.

Elder Niemann, Kim and Elder Shoemaker -- First Baptism!
I also got to dress up as King Benjamin yesterday and teach some of the little children. Got to wear a rope and some sweet pajama looking clothes.

I'm a little afraid about getting fat, because really we eat at a members house every night.

I got to go on exchange with Elder Mortenson, so I got to be the zone leader for the day. We got to visit a sweet little village named Kahakuloa, the drive there was pretty crazy. Your driving right by the side of the ocean and there's only one lane, and there's tons of curves where you can't see the cars behind it, but the village is a awesome place, right by the ocean in this little ravine like thing.  While on exchange I got shot by a kid with a bleach squirt gun during the lesson, he also took his pants off right in the middle of it. Elder Mortenson had to go do something with another Elder so I was with the other greenie, Elder Green, and they tell us to teach this dude. But what they dont tell us is that he's basically blind, and he isnt really all there in the head. It was so funny, because you cant understand what the heck he was saying and were just nodding our heads and saying "yea, okay, uhuh". Then he fed us some like pigs ear which I ate but I gagged as it was going down. He says that his cigarettes gives him good fortune and power. That was a pretty fun day, kinda like a vacation from Pukalani.

O yea and there was also some crazy raining and like monsooning going down all over the place. One second blue sky's then the next it was flash flooding all up in here. Makawao calls us and they can't get to there pad because the roads flooded, Sister Kaimimokus car got taken away by the water and trashed (pretty funny). And some peoples house actually got swept away, so not that big of a deal. right? :/ We had to help a member bail out their house and by the end me and Elder Niemann were soaked all the way to the core. But yea it was pretty fun.  O ya and Pukalani is supposed to mean "hole in the heavens" because it doesn't rain there as much, but it actually rains quite a bit. Makawao always gets the rain though, so I'm pretty sure it was worse over there, rains every day there.

We also have this cat that likes to chill around our pad. We call it "cat", it always tries to get into our pad. But where not supposed to have pets, so he just chills outside, and we hear his meowing.

 Our mailbox got locked because we need to show proof of residency or something, so i yea that kinda sucks, havent got mail since Friday.  We're gonna have a water balloon fight as a zone at 1 o' clock today at Kehei so that should be good.

We found 8 new investigators last week, 2 from tracting the rest I think from less active, non members. We could get up to having two to three baptisms next month (maybe). Cuz we got this dude name Kalei, who said yes to baptism and this girl named Caitlyn who will also probably say yes to baptism, also a girl named Juvy  who has some issues but might say yes. Got some Portuguese guys that could possibly say yes, and maybe that old lady "D" who farted on me.   {leave it to Tanner....ha!}

So ya going pretty good I'm trying to remember all the questions that Grandma asked me, so I can remember but I now have 5 minutes and if I don't send soon this email will get erased, so sorry Grandma maybe I'll write you a letter with your answers, if I can remember the questions. Pigeon is just broken English, and a lot of the locals speak it.  Cya love ya later.

Mahalo nui Loa {Hawaiian for Thank you very much}

Elder Shoemaker

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