Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth!!

My Nephew, Treavor (the one I blogged about a few weeks back), received his mission call last night!!  He's going to the Happiest Place on Earth!  ...or at least that's what people say when they go to Disney World.  I suspect it will NOW be the Happiest Place on Earth for Treavor for other reasons.  

He enters the MTC on January 30th 2013, just two weeks after Tanner.  I love that they are going out together and will return together.  What an exciting time for our families.

Treavor - Orlando Florida Mission       Tanner - Honolulu Hawaii Mission

If you'd like to read his blog and see the video of him opening his call
Click HERE

Congratulations Treavor!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Stripling Warriors & Friends!

Look at these boys!!

They have grown up in the same ward since they were youngin's and now ALL of them have received their mission calls. This wasn't going to be the case due to several of them having late birthdays.  However, with the change in mission age announcement in October, none of them delayed and as of yesterday they all have their mission assignments!  They will all leave within months of each other and all come home around the same time frame.  We've (parents) been taking about this day for a long time! 

 This picture was snapped at a song practice for Taylor's farewell on Sunday. 
I hope it was legal.   I couldn't help by capture the moment.

Can you say precious?   It just makes my Missionary Mom heart happy.

They have been each others best friends and positive support group.  
Now they are all grown up and ready to go on to the next phase of life.

Here's a listing of their mission calls:

Bryon -- Richmond, Virginia - English Speaking - MTC January 16, 2013
Tanner - Honolulu, Hawaii - English Speaking - MTC January 16, 2013
{cooleo they are entering the MTC the same day!}
Taylor - Arcadia, California - Spanish Speaking - MTC November 14, 2012
Paul - San Antonio, Texas - English Speaking - MTC December 12, 2012
Jared - Philippines Cebu - Cebuano Speaking - MTC January 30, 2013

Monday, November 5, 2012

...keeping tabs

Tanner's Mission Map is UP!

This is one of the most reassuring things for me to do as a missionary Mom, is to track where my missionary is at every transfer.  I can't physically be where they are, but it sure does give me a visual sense of where they are in the world if you can actually SEE it on a map. My brain just works that way!

  The map is BIG and it's BEAUTIFUL!  
~very detailed~
It's a National Geographic map that I bought at  

I have one for my oldest son, Elder Joshua Shoemaker, as well.  He is currently serving in the Belgium/Netherlands mission.  Speaking DUTCH (yes, it's The Best Two Years movie in real life).  He has been out in the land of tulips just over 13 months. 

Double the blessings with two missionaries -- bring it on!! 

Elder Joshua Shoemaker                                      Elder Hezekiah Calhoun 
Maybe a little resemblance?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Special Outing at the Brigham City Temple

Today was just simply an all around beautiful Fall day.

The weather was perfect

The drive to Brigham City was perfect

The company was perfect

Matt was Tanner's escort today at the beautiful Brigham City Temple, which was just newly dedicated in September of 2012.   It was really special to have Tanner go through the Brigham City Temple for his first time, as this is the home of my childhood.  The details in this temple are beyond amazing.

Brigham City LDS Temple - Dedicated September 23, 2012

Tanner and his friend Thomas.  Thomas is leaving in 10 days for the Guatemala, Quetzaltenango mission!  Great support & friends these two have been for one another.

Grandma Dixie, Tanner and Grandpa Dave.  Tanner's Grandparents are currently serving as missionaries in the Brigham City LDS Employment Center


Tanner, and his proud Mom and Dad! 

These are the kind of days that create family bonds that last an eternity.......

Beautiful Day!

Handsome Young Missionary!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Brotha's from Sister Motha's

Where to even start........
My heart just smiles when I see these two baby boys,
 because I claim them both as mine!
These two have been best friends since birth.

Treavor and Tanner's first Halloween!
 Treavor was born 2 weeks before Tanner. 
 Treavor is my sister Kristi's son.  

Treavor and Tanner 18 years later!

They have grown up together like brothers.  

Now they watch and support one another as they prepare to both serve LDS missions. When Tanner opened up his mission call, I had a tearful Treavor at my side.  {Okay okay, we both were in tears!}  Treavor has been given a tender servants heart and will make a wonderful missionary!  He has just submitted his mission papers this week and we will wait patiently to find out where the Lord needs Treavor for the next two years.

It's such a happy journey to watch unfold for these two!

....and for their families.  


On October 3rd, 2012 my son, Tanner, received his LDS mission call to the 
Honolulu Hawaii Mission.   
The mission boundaries includes all of the Hawaiian islands plus Midway Island and Johnston Atoll.


He reports to the MTC on January 16, 2013.  
We are so THRILLED and couldn't be more excited for Tanner.  
It is absolutely the PERFECT place for him. 

Although Tanner with his silent silly quirky personality and a smile that just keeps on giving, he never hesitated or delayed his decision to serve a mission. He has lived his life so that he would always be worthy to serve.  He will be a great example to his family, extended family, friends and those he has yet to meet!

This is a record of Tanner's courageous journey in serving the people of Hawaii!