Saturday, November 3, 2012

Special Outing at the Brigham City Temple

Today was just simply an all around beautiful Fall day.

The weather was perfect

The drive to Brigham City was perfect

The company was perfect

Matt was Tanner's escort today at the beautiful Brigham City Temple, which was just newly dedicated in September of 2012.   It was really special to have Tanner go through the Brigham City Temple for his first time, as this is the home of my childhood.  The details in this temple are beyond amazing.

Brigham City LDS Temple - Dedicated September 23, 2012

Tanner and his friend Thomas.  Thomas is leaving in 10 days for the Guatemala, Quetzaltenango mission!  Great support & friends these two have been for one another.

Grandma Dixie, Tanner and Grandpa Dave.  Tanner's Grandparents are currently serving as missionaries in the Brigham City LDS Employment Center


Tanner, and his proud Mom and Dad! 

These are the kind of days that create family bonds that last an eternity.......

Beautiful Day!

Handsome Young Missionary!

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  1. words.
    Tanner was an example to me today. Love him!