Monday, November 5, 2012

...keeping tabs

Tanner's Mission Map is UP!

This is one of the most reassuring things for me to do as a missionary Mom, is to track where my missionary is at every transfer.  I can't physically be where they are, but it sure does give me a visual sense of where they are in the world if you can actually SEE it on a map. My brain just works that way!

  The map is BIG and it's BEAUTIFUL!  
~very detailed~
It's a National Geographic map that I bought at  

I have one for my oldest son, Elder Joshua Shoemaker, as well.  He is currently serving in the Belgium/Netherlands mission.  Speaking DUTCH (yes, it's The Best Two Years movie in real life).  He has been out in the land of tulips just over 13 months. 

Double the blessings with two missionaries -- bring it on!! 

Elder Joshua Shoemaker                                      Elder Hezekiah Calhoun 
Maybe a little resemblance?


  1. wow keri----that IS beautiful! :) yes double your pleasure, double your fun.....double mint gum. LOL!

  2. LOVE THIS!! so excited for Tanner! and I giggled very much at the Josh/Hezekiah picture comparison. CAN'T WAIT FOR A MAP AT OUR HOUSE!!!

  3. The Best Two Years!! gotta love that movie every time we watch it! We always GIGGLE!! out loud!!
    We LOVE Elder Calhoun at our house!!(and Elder Shoe!)
    LOVE that cool map of Hawaii!! Hang loose Elder Shoemaker!!
    This might get confusing....maybe it should be ELder J-Shoe and Elder T-Shoe. :)