Friday, November 2, 2012

Brotha's from Sister Motha's

Where to even start........
My heart just smiles when I see these two baby boys,
 because I claim them both as mine!
These two have been best friends since birth.

Treavor and Tanner's first Halloween!
 Treavor was born 2 weeks before Tanner. 
 Treavor is my sister Kristi's son.  

Treavor and Tanner 18 years later!

They have grown up together like brothers.  

Now they watch and support one another as they prepare to both serve LDS missions. When Tanner opened up his mission call, I had a tearful Treavor at my side.  {Okay okay, we both were in tears!}  Treavor has been given a tender servants heart and will make a wonderful missionary!  He has just submitted his mission papers this week and we will wait patiently to find out where the Lord needs Treavor for the next two years.

It's such a happy journey to watch unfold for these two!

....and for their families.  


  1. I love the BUZZZ floating around!!! I added Tanners and Joshua's sites to my blog. :)

    This is just so exciting, that picture of them as babies is the cutest thing ever.....what NEAT boys! Keri I know you are so proud!! :)

  2. OK OK OK OK OKAAAAAAY!!!! This mom is CRYING at work.....that just tugged at my mom strings HARD.....gahhhhhhh!! LOVE THESE BOYS and I'm so proud of them......