Monday, December 15, 2014

A $3,000 Kirby Vacuum

Area: Waipiolani and Mililani Ward, Oahu
Companion: Elder Goodman
Yes Family.... I did get the Christmas package, it made it all intact, which is pretty nice. I'll be sending the cousin gift soon, I have it in a  box and stuff.  It's not gonna be super extravagant. 

We had a Stake Christmas concert thingy this last Sunday @ 7 pm.  Our ward sang, the missionaries also sang a song. We also had our other wards Christmas party for the Waipiolani ward.  The young men and young women were in charge of the entire thing, it was pretty cool, lots of good food. 

Some guy came over and Kirby vacuumed our house for free! but then after he was trying to sell us a $3,000 dollar vacuum, we aint got time for that!  Our carpet looks better though for sure. 

So ya our week was pretty good. love you guys and ill see ya later!
Love Elder Shoemaker

Monday, December 8, 2014

I SWEAR it wasn't swimming....

Area: Waipiolani and Mililani Ward, Oahu
Companion: Elder Goodman

Hey whats up everyone!??  

This week was pretty fun, some parts were a little tiring.  We have been having splits pretty consistently with our WML (ward mission leader) and all of our Ward missionaries every Tuesday at like 7 pm for a long time thats pretty cool, if you guys want to come you can.  :)

Man, yesterday we were at church pretty much all day. We got there around like 6:30am and then had church until like 3. We only had from 3 to 4 to do anything cuz we had dinner then we had our mission tour @ 6 all the way till 9.  That was pretty cool.

Elder Johnson from the Seventy came down and slapped some ward mission leaders with the missionary work. It was nice.  All the missionaries on the entire island were there with WML's and Bishops. 

We did some pretty hardcore service for this dudes eagle project. I swear it wasn't swimming it was service! We were de-weeding a bunch of ponds up Waimea valley. It was hard work, my back really hurt after that. Still kinda does.

Mililani 2nd ward had there Christmas party this last Saturday, so we attended.  It was pretty fun with a lot of food, but during the party kids got freaked out cuz this guy walked up and was looking really creepy and stuff.  So we had to go and investigate and look in all the rooms make sure those was no guy creepin' around.  We secured the area only to find that he was cruising in his car.  Later we found that same guy was arguing with one of the other ward members cuz I guess he was drunk.   I went a found Brother Gustaves our WML in M2 and he calmed the guy down. It was pretty fun. 

We have been sharing the He Is The Gift video with a lot of our ward member as we go around. We talked forever with the Gaileys, they are Scottish Hawaiian. We talked about family history work for along time. 

Well that's pretty much it! You guys have good life! 

Love Elder Shoemaker

Monday, December 1, 2014

A Turkey Imu

Area: Waipiolani and Mililani Ward, Oahu
Companion: Elder Goodman

Hey hows everyone doing!?

So transfers are this week and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to stay here in Mililani and just cover both areas until I go home.  Should be fun.  

This last Thanksgiving was pretty fun.   We had dinner with the Kings, a Tongan family that is in our ward. We were at the park and the weather was really good. We helped Brother Jackson out a lot this last week with making an Imu ....which is pretty much digging a big whole in the ground and I was the one that had to tear apart the banana tree's.  The Imu pretty much steams the food with all the water in the banana tree and the fire and stuff.  Pretty cool!  The turkey tasted really good, it falls right off of the bone as its steamed and then soaks in all of the juices so its not dry at all.  Really good turkey!  We also watched the best 2 years Thanksgiving night as a zone, pretty fun. 


 Our new ward mission leader in the Waipio ward has really been a big help for us lately.  There is a senior couple that works in our stake that has been on 10 missions. I thought that was pretty cool. They talked to us this last Sunday and always come to district meeting and stuff.  

Things have been going good though!  I'm so thankful for all that you guys do!  Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for the box you guys sent!

Love Elder Shoemaker

Monday, November 24, 2014

60,000 miles....

Area: Waipiolani and Mililani Ward, Oahu
Companion: Elder Goodman

Hey hows everyone doing? Everything is going pretty good over here.  Today for p-day we just went to the beach, but we didn't go swimming or anything just watched the waves and all that good stuff..

We had a lesson with Kelsey and we set her with a baptismal date for the 26th of January I think.  I wont be there for it but its ok... its all good. The Mililani football team just won the state championships so that's pretty cool.  A lot of the people are talking about that around here.

 Our car also finally hit 60,000 miles, which means eventually we will get a new car maybe... we will see what happens. We did a lot of service this week. A lot in Wailua.  We were taking out a whole ton of California grass.  That stuff is pretty gnarly, but they had a sweet back yard with a river in the back and fish and all that stuff.  One of the Filipino Elders tried to spear one of them with a stick.  We did service also for the Velascos... we usually go over there every week and help them with their yard, because he cant walk very well and neither can the wife now. 

Sundays are pretty exhausting because we have to go to two different wards. It felt like church overload yesterday, I kinda got a headache.  Our AC unit shot out ice at me this morning. It was actually pretty cool.

Ok cya guys later hope you guys have a good thanksgiving and have fun at the cabin. 
Love Elder Shoemaker
We are supposed to get a new car @ 60,000 miles......proof

Ocean reading

Beach Elders

Monday, November 17, 2014

Two Elders, Two Wards

Area: Waipiolani and Mililani Ward, Oahu
Companion: Elder Goodman

Hey hows it going people! So last week I was in a tri-panionship, but right after I had emailed you guys we got called from President Warner and then Elder Gee was transferred to Maui.  So now I'm companions with Elder Goodman and we cover both Waipiolani ward and Mililani 2nd ward.   It's been pretty fun to do that.  Just an extra ward to juggle now. 2 sacrament meetings 2 ward councils in the morning every Sunday! ... all that kinda stuff. Its been pretty interesting with both wards as we keep pretty busy we just have to coordinate all of the things that happen a little bit better so it all works. Elder Goodman is from Gilbert Arizona hes been out like 19 months or something like that. He's a pretty cool guy. 

We went to Pearl Harbor again this last Wednesday to do service. I forgot my camera, but its ok I've been there plenty of times.  This morning we went fishing with some of the other elders at some small lake. Some of the other elders caught catfish and stuff. I didn't catch anything though. It's all good.  Then we went and played rugby and I left my shoes in another elders car so I just played bare foot. I was pretty dirty after that. 

The only problem with the Mililani 2nd Elders pad that I'm living in now is that they have cockroaches!  I friggen hate those things. 

The Kaaiawaawa family said that they would come to church this last Sunday but we were there and they never came.  Also I visited the Davis family with our Bishop, Bishop Goo, they said that they were going to come to church as well but  we were there and they didn't show up.  Its ok its not that big of a deal. I know that they will come to church sometime in the future. 

.......And mom you don't have to be worrying about me. I'm fine! 

O ya, we're teaching this one kid named Kai.  He's a little Vietnamese kid that 9 years old.  He has ADHD and tourettes.  Man kids now a days cant get away from there friggen iPads and all that kinda of stuff.  its really hard to teach him. 

I kinda need to go soon, but the scripture that I really liked this week was Ether 12:27.  I use that scripture at one of our lessons this week.  I always liked that scripture.  

Ok well you guys have a good week!

Love Elder Shoemaker 

Monday, November 10, 2014

A CHANGE: Tri-Companionship

Area: Waipiolani and Mililani Ward, Oahu
Companion: Elder Gee and Goodman

Hey whats up everyone?  How you all doing? Thats nice. 

So this last week has been interesting.  My companion Elder Stulce actually got ET'ed (emergency transferred) to the Waipahu 2nd ward.  It was kinda random and out of the blue, but President said that it would be better for Stulce to learn faster if he had more teaching opportunity's and really the Waipiolani ward is a small ward with not really a lot of investigators.  It should be good for him to improve at teaching.  But as of right now they put me in a tri-companionship because there's no one else to be my companion. I'm with Elder Gee and Elder Goodman and now we cover two wards together the Waipiolani ward, and the Mililani 2nd ward. Pretty interesting turn of events.   Now I sleep on the floor and share one bathroom with three other people and kinda living out of a suitcase.  Kinda suxs a little bit but its alright. 

We set Kelsey with a baptismal date for I think the first Saturday of December.  We have really pushed them to come to church and they said that they would come to church this coming Sunday hopefully. 

P-day was kinda hectic because were in a threesome.  We finally did get a new ward mission leader.  His name is brother Miyamoto. He's a really awesome guy.  I feel that it will work better now.  I have a big rug burn on my leg that really kills, but I'm doing good! 

Love you guys a lot and much mahalos and alohas!

Love Elder Shoemaker

Monday, November 3, 2014

A simple, but productive missionary week

Area: Waipiolani Ward, Oahu
Companion: Elder Stulce

Hey Mom and Dad hows it going? 
This week was pretty good. We found a new investigator to teach her name is Kelsey.  She had been taught by the missionaries before but she never was baptized.  We teach them every Tuesday night at 6pm with a standing appointment -- pretty cool. 
We are going to get a new ward mission leader this next Sunday finally.  We haven't had a ward mission leader for like a month haha, but its ok. 
I went on exchanges with Elder Johnston, in Wahiwa 3rd ward. they cover a lot of the military base up there.  So its was really nice to go over there for a change of scenery. 
Halloween was pretty fun.  We didn't get to go trick or treating but it was still ok.  Everything is going pretty good here! 
Thanks for all that you guys do!
love Elder Shoemaker

Doing Service!