Monday, December 1, 2014

A Turkey Imu

Area: Waipiolani and Mililani Ward, Oahu
Companion: Elder Goodman

Hey hows everyone doing!?

So transfers are this week and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to stay here in Mililani and just cover both areas until I go home.  Should be fun.  

This last Thanksgiving was pretty fun.   We had dinner with the Kings, a Tongan family that is in our ward. We were at the park and the weather was really good. We helped Brother Jackson out a lot this last week with making an Imu ....which is pretty much digging a big whole in the ground and I was the one that had to tear apart the banana tree's.  The Imu pretty much steams the food with all the water in the banana tree and the fire and stuff.  Pretty cool!  The turkey tasted really good, it falls right off of the bone as its steamed and then soaks in all of the juices so its not dry at all.  Really good turkey!  We also watched the best 2 years Thanksgiving night as a zone, pretty fun. 


 Our new ward mission leader in the Waipio ward has really been a big help for us lately.  There is a senior couple that works in our stake that has been on 10 missions. I thought that was pretty cool. They talked to us this last Sunday and always come to district meeting and stuff.  

Things have been going good though!  I'm so thankful for all that you guys do!  Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for the box you guys sent!

Love Elder Shoemaker

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