Monday, December 8, 2014

I SWEAR it wasn't swimming....

Area: Waipiolani and Mililani Ward, Oahu
Companion: Elder Goodman

Hey whats up everyone!??  

This week was pretty fun, some parts were a little tiring.  We have been having splits pretty consistently with our WML (ward mission leader) and all of our Ward missionaries every Tuesday at like 7 pm for a long time thats pretty cool, if you guys want to come you can.  :)

Man, yesterday we were at church pretty much all day. We got there around like 6:30am and then had church until like 3. We only had from 3 to 4 to do anything cuz we had dinner then we had our mission tour @ 6 all the way till 9.  That was pretty cool.

Elder Johnson from the Seventy came down and slapped some ward mission leaders with the missionary work. It was nice.  All the missionaries on the entire island were there with WML's and Bishops. 

We did some pretty hardcore service for this dudes eagle project. I swear it wasn't swimming it was service! We were de-weeding a bunch of ponds up Waimea valley. It was hard work, my back really hurt after that. Still kinda does.

Mililani 2nd ward had there Christmas party this last Saturday, so we attended.  It was pretty fun with a lot of food, but during the party kids got freaked out cuz this guy walked up and was looking really creepy and stuff.  So we had to go and investigate and look in all the rooms make sure those was no guy creepin' around.  We secured the area only to find that he was cruising in his car.  Later we found that same guy was arguing with one of the other ward members cuz I guess he was drunk.   I went a found Brother Gustaves our WML in M2 and he calmed the guy down. It was pretty fun. 

We have been sharing the He Is The Gift video with a lot of our ward member as we go around. We talked forever with the Gaileys, they are Scottish Hawaiian. We talked about family history work for along time. 

Well that's pretty much it! You guys have good life! 

Love Elder Shoemaker

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