Thursday, November 8, 2012

Stripling Warriors & Friends!

Look at these boys!!

They have grown up in the same ward since they were youngin's and now ALL of them have received their mission calls. This wasn't going to be the case due to several of them having late birthdays.  However, with the change in mission age announcement in October, none of them delayed and as of yesterday they all have their mission assignments!  They will all leave within months of each other and all come home around the same time frame.  We've (parents) been taking about this day for a long time! 

 This picture was snapped at a song practice for Taylor's farewell on Sunday. 
I hope it was legal.   I couldn't help by capture the moment.

Can you say precious?   It just makes my Missionary Mom heart happy.

They have been each others best friends and positive support group.  
Now they are all grown up and ready to go on to the next phase of life.

Here's a listing of their mission calls:

Bryon -- Richmond, Virginia - English Speaking - MTC January 16, 2013
Tanner - Honolulu, Hawaii - English Speaking - MTC January 16, 2013
{cooleo they are entering the MTC the same day!}
Taylor - Arcadia, California - Spanish Speaking - MTC November 14, 2012
Paul - San Antonio, Texas - English Speaking - MTC December 12, 2012
Jared - Philippines Cebu - Cebuano Speaking - MTC January 30, 2013

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