Monday, March 4, 2013

The 40 Pound Mission

Area:  Pukalani, Maui
Companion:  Elder Niemann

I'm having a little bit of a hard time remembering all the things I did this week so sorry if I don't. We were able to commit Kalei (that's how you spell it Mom) to getting baptized in this month of March. Were trying to get at least 3 baptisms so we can hit our goal of 200 baptisms as a entire mission. President Dalton wants to go out with a bang I think, because he will be leaving in like three months. We actually got Peter and Jasmine to say YES to baptism as well, but the thing is you have to go to church three times before you get baptized. But the hard thing is that everyone is such beach bums. Every one's like "lets go to the beach bra!" and I'm like "no way brudda!!".  Its because people work during the week then go to the beach on Sunday.

I got to talk with President Dalton one on one for the first time. We had our interviews and he really is just such a great man. He's also rich as heck, but that's because you have to be friggin' rich to be a mission president in Hawaii. He's also someone that you would never want to mess with - he's the kinda of person that demands authority.  You kinda have to be because Hawaii is a big mission and because not everyone is in the same place, so it kinda hard to control. He can't like make a "surprise visit" to our pad because he's on a different island then us. He said that he's flown at least 1,000 times or something like that while he's been a Mission President, he's really quite a funny man too.

We're trying to get that one lady "D" {the one that farted on me} to also be baptized. Also Caitlyn, Angelina, and Juvy. Juvy has some problems with being sealed to her husband, because he's already been sealed to someone else.

I'm trying to think of anything crazy that happened this week like last week but I cant think of much. Except for last night at the Hariss'. They have this thing they do with the missionaries when they come over for dinner. They make huge sourdough pancakes, and they just keep on making you eat them until you pretty much die. So Mom, I've really come to the conclusion that I'm really probably gonna gain some weight here. That's why they call it the 40 pound mission, because it might happen. And there's really not a lot of time for you to work out, unless you wake up early, there's no friggin' way that I'm gonna lose any of my precious sleep time. All the missionaries gain weight, most of them wait until the last like 6 months of there mission then try to lose it. My body isn't gonna matter after the resurrection anyways...... so its all good.

Today for p-day we have a sports day, so Maui Zone is going down to the Maui Lani Stake Center and we'll just do it there. That stake center is nicer then our stake center too, its pretty new.

Also met a gay guy while tracting, he asked if I wanted to do some nasty things things, I said, "no thank you", so that's always fun. O yea I'm also just wearing those second pair of shoes Mom, so no need to worry..........and Grandma were not cavemen we don't have have church in that chapel. Our church building is in Pukalani, and it has a really good view of the ocean and the rest of the island from there.

I have oatmeal and toast for breakfast pretty much every day, its dellish. Also tell me if Landon liked that sticker I got him, they have a lot of cool stickers there and clothes also, so just send me money if you want any. Our mailbox is still locked but we can get our mail if we talk to the mean mail lady (she doesn't like us).

I received the stuff to fill out my license, but I have not filled it out yet, its to daunting of a task. I also just got a box from Grandma and Grandpa with a whole butt load food just today. So thank... you for that!.... and thanks Jackson and Charlee for the hand-a-cordians.

I forgot the cord to plug in my camera so you don't get any pictures today.   It will make you learn to appreciate when I do OK!! hehe!! O ya, I think you should send me my USB thingy, I would like it. You should also put some cool talks on there so I can listen to them, because its always fun to listen to a talk if you have to drive all the way to Hawaiian homes. Well I have three minutes, So I love you guys! Have a good week !

Love Elder Shoemaker

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