Monday, March 18, 2013

Sleeping under the stars!!

Area:  Pukalani, Maui
Companion:  Elder Niemann

Today's email was a little different!!  We ended up emailing each other back and forth, so it was a little bit more like a chat session. 

 Elder Shoemaker:  Hey hows it going, ok I'm pretty sure I need my social security stuff and my birth certificate and like 2 things that state my residency in Utah if I want to get the document notarized. I'm also pretty sure that I'm gaining weight. It kinda sucks, but you really cant choose what your eating every night because your always eating at a members house every night and they usually go all out for the missionaries.

Elder Shoe's Mom:  Are you still on the computer? 
I will email the Mission Office and let's see if we can't get this thing resolved.  It will work out okay honey. No worries.  The pictures you are sending are sure amazing!!!  We love the one with you on the rock and the ocean splashing!!!

Elder Shoemaker:  We went on another hike this morning to some more waterfalls.  It was pretty cool, we had to climb down the roots of some trees to get to some places.

Elder Shoe's Mom:  Are there any parts on the paperwork that you don't know and need me to tell you why your on the computer?   The pictures are sure amazing Tanner!!  As far as the food thing goes, just try your best to eat in moderation.  Eat slowly and take your time so that they can't continue to feed you more if you eat fast!!  Just keep active, you'll be alright.  

Elder Shoemaker: Then we drove around and chilled on some sweet rocks that sent the water shooting up. we had to wait forever to get those cool shots with the water shooting up behind me, but it was worth it. I'm no longer one of the newest missionaries either.  Yeah, Im kinda a little stressed about the whole drivers license thingy, they wont let it be notarized unless I have those things. O man I'm also kinda stressed about getting fat if you haven't noticed yet.

Soooooooo ELDER SHOEMAKER right here!!!!
Elder Shoe's Mom:  Yes, I've noticed both things!!!!  OK, let me contact the mission office and let's see what needs to happen.  Did  you try to go in and get it notarized?   They told you, you need your birth certificate and SS#?  Would any other ID work?   Let's see what the mission office says.  Don't worry so much about the weight thing, try to let it go bud....cuz it will disrupt your missionary work.  Just pray for that you can let it go and keep focused.  Like I said before eat in moderation, eat slowly....We sure love you!  Kinda fun to chat with you real time!

Elder Shoemaker: Doreen's baptism is getting pushed back to the 13th of April.  I think its so her family can be there, but Kalei is getting baptized still on the 30th and they are both rock solid.  I got the paperwork thing all figured out I think, but I also think that I need my license number also so kinda don't know what to do with that. Just to let you know I really like all the emails {his missionary friends and cousins} that your sending me in the mail just keep them coming if you want.

Elder Shoe's Mom:  HEY...lucky day!!  I have your driver license number!!!  Dad's going to send you a little note while I look it up.  

Elder Shoe's Dad chimes in:  Hiya, Buddy.  Don't stress too much about the eating thing.  I gained a few pounds when I went to Georgia.  When you are at a dinner, just take small portions, eat slowly, and it's okay to say "no thank you - I'm full".  Allow your brain to realize your tummy is full by eating slower.  Maybe start some basic exercise daily too.  That's where I started some good exercise habits in my mission.  
 Love, Dad!

Elder Shoemaker: I only have like 15 minutes though and sending all these pictures slows me down. And my brain is kinda in a thousand places at once right now. They told me that I needed a state I.D. or something.  Things are going pretty OK here. It's not even hard to budget our money I have like a boatload left over every month.  Elder Niemann and I slept outside like last week. haha. Behind the chapel it was nice, except the freakin cat was annoying. {meow}

Elder Shoe's Mom:   Here is your DL # {insert blah blah blah}.  Here is the plan.  I'm going to email the Mission Home and see if they can't help you directly.  If we still come up against a wall, then I'll mail the documentation that you need.  It's very frustrating I know, but there has to be a way to do this without having a DL!  So sorry for the mess.......just be strong and it will work out.   Have faith. Hey what about the USB thing?  Answer that question for me.  Music, talks and stuff that you want me to send?  Good job on the money!!!  That's awesome.  We sure love you!!!    Love the pictures too.  I'll be sending and Easter box soon.  HUGS --xoxoxoxo MOM

Elder Shoemaker: About the USB some cars you can just plug it straight into it but not ours. Just send it to me in like MP3 or something then ill just put it on the ipod shuffle i think that should work. I have short time I cant think what I should say. Umm I guess I love you. Ya that work.

Maui Zone!!

Maui Zone -- end of transfer picture

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