Monday, March 25, 2013

Sunrise on top of Haleakala

Area:  Pukalani, Maui
Companion:  Elder Niemann 

Hey hows it going? That's good! I was able to get my license stuff all worked out I think. I still needed 2 documents that stated my residency in Utah so I sent all of the stuff back to you guys. I think that should work shouldn't it? I hope so, cuz its annoying not being able to drive.

This week we had the interview with "K" to get baptized, he's solid and will definitely be baptized. He was even talking about quitting his job as a bartender which is good. haha.

 Its a little hard for me as well to hear the news about Jake. That's really no good.

 ummmm..... I don't have my cord with me so I cant really send any pictures today, so sorry.

We went up to watch the sunrise on top of Haleakala again. We had to wake up at like 2:40am to get there in time. It wasn't as cold this time on top of Haleakala, I had like two jackets on and sweats and jeans and my blanket.

We had a cottage meeting up at the Pulehu chapel, the one that we live at. So that was pretty good.

We are gonna play sand volleyball at Kihei later today as a Zone so that should be good.

And yes Grandma I did get the package, those little sticky guys are hanging by strings right by where I study.

We went on exchanges this week, I went with Elder Temuhuki. He's a big Tahitian guy, So that was pretty sick.

 Just weighed my self and I actually lost weight so that's always good.

O ya and officially missionaries can now email anyone they want pretty much, so I could email my friends now. But I'm not really sure if I would have that much time to do that.

Ah heck I'm trying to think of things that I need to type. I think i kinda miss reading books, and my bed, but whatever.

I really hope everyone in the family is doing ok, its really sad that Jake passed away.

 I hope the Easter box thingy is super cool, I haven't read anyone else's emails in a while.

My tans going pretty good, I got a pretty good watch tan going on my wrist. Next week for P-day were going to Hana, so they say that I might not be able to email, but we will see, because the road there takes a little while like you might know.

Its also pretty sad that Blue passed away too.

We have Zone conference this week on Wednesday. I wish that I had more profound things to say but really I don't got much. So yea, I pretty much gotta go.

Love you guys
Elder Shoemaker

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