Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Road to Hana and a Baptism!!!

Area:  Pukalani, Maui
Companion:  Elder Niemann

Okay, so it's Tuesday April 2nd 2013. Yes it was Kalei's baptism last Saturday. It was pretty cool because we had his father-in-law who is the Kona Temple President confirm him. He's such a cool guy. It was pretty funny because Jack was baptizing him. He threw him right into the water like as hard as he could and because we were afraid that the water wasn't going to be deep enough to hold him so we filled it all the way! When he was baptized water flew everywhere and the font overflowed, but he went all the way under so its all good. Kalei is the one on the right and Jack on the left.

Elder Shoemaker, Kalei, Jack and Elder Niemann

  It was a weird Easter Sunday because the chapel actually had graffiti all over it. A lot of people were mad, I was pretty mad too. All of the stuff had been cover with paper as much as possible. But it was actually a really good Easter Sunday for some reason. The Bishop did a combined the third hour. He used to live in the holy land and studied there. He's super rich just like everyone else in the ward. It was really cool because he knows so much about Jerusalem and all that. 

Then yesterday we went to Hana. Its pretty fricken cool over there!!! We went on a hike where we just hike through the jungle, climbed the roots of trees, saw huge waterfalls, going through bamboo forests where its so dark because all of the bamboo blocks out all the light. Then at the end there was the biggest water fall I've ever seen in my life. It was like 200 feet tall and it was the most awesome looking thing I've seen. I took a picture but I wasn't able to capture the beauty of it all.  It doesn't fit in my camera and the water was pretty cold. Aw man it was big and it was awesome. 

Then after that we went to the ward mission leaders house in Hana. He has a house right next to the ocean with just farm land on it. Its pretty cool over there. 

O ya I got my first gun pulled out on me as I was tracting. We knocked on his door and hes like, "Don't you know this is private property, I could shoot you right now."   But he didn't and he said. "Cuz my fingers are moving right now."  So that was nice. :)   We had dinner with two drunk people consecutively. Oh man super drunk!  He was playing on his uke and singing and all that. The other drunk lady was super drunk -- she was just crazy man. 

Our district leader up here in the Pulehu District has pneumonia, so we have been doing a lot of exchanges because me and Elder Niemann have to basically look over to areas now. Pukalani and Makawao. I did learn that chapel were we stay at is the first Mormon chapel on Hawaii.  There have been Apostles and Prophets that have visited the place. There's a picture of Holland with some missionaries in our pad.

Its been a lot greener here because its been raining a lot more and when it rains here it rains cats and dogs. And it is in no way warm rain like you told me. 

Yeah, thanks for the Easter Box it was most enjoyable. O yah,  the zone conference question. Usually for district meeting we skype Molokai and Lanai but for zone conference we had to fly them to Maui. It was at the new Maui Lani Stake Center, which newer then ours. OK, I got to go, so thank you for all the support everyone --- I love you!!!  cya! 

Elder Shoemaker

Zone Conference - March 2013

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