Monday, April 15, 2013

A Genealogy Connection

Hey hows it going, this email probably wont be as long because I've been trying to do a lot of things at once, now that we can email our friends too. It kinda sucks, but I kinda sorta lost my memory card for my camera so I don't have pictures right now, probably get a new one soon. I have been kinda interested in my family history and all that and what they did. When I look at the Shoemaker side on the family history search website there's nothing there! I kinda want to know where Shoemakers come from, because over here everyone asks where your relatives are from.  A lot of people from here in Hawaii are interested in their ancestry because it plays such a big part of their culture.  That would be nice, I might just like a huge family tree that I can print out or just get in the mail that would be cool.

That's so cool how Dad made the Boston Marathon! Good job Dad!

I don't think I have a lot of time to read your emails, so I just printed them off and will read them at my pleasure then reply accordingly in the future. Everything is good here in Maui! Listen to the recording to hear about Doreen's baptism.

Love Elder Shoemaker

Elder Niemann, Doreen and Elder Shoemaker

Doreen's Baptism ---- WOW Doreen is loved!!!!

Elder Shoemaker and Elder Niemann. Could they be more perfect for each other?   Received two 5 minute voice recordings of Elder Shoemaker and Elder Niemann chit chatting together.  Am I safe to say they are two peas in a pod?

Click on each link to open the file.

Voice Recording #1 April 15, 2013

Voice Recording #2 April 15, 2013

Remember to click on the green DOWNLOAD button that looks like this below

Then hit the OK button to open the file.

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