Monday, April 29, 2013

A bit more in charge.....

Area: Pukalani
Companion: Elder Clark 

Hey how’s everyone doing? Good, I’m glad that everyone is doing okay. This week has been a little bit of a change because now Elder Niemann is way the heck out of here.  So now I'm here with Elder Clark! He’s from the Ogden area and has been out for like 20 months or something. So ya were like on the exact opposite ends of our missions.  Its all good though. 

Yes Grandma I got your letter and I’ll mail it soon.  I hope that Grandpa starts to get better soon. 

Were trying to get someone baptized at the moment. We got 2 kids committed to be baptized, now we just got to get them to church...... and hopefully Karen and Josh too! 

We don’t usually cook over here, maybe for breakfast.  We have dinner at a members house every single night. Lunch we just heat up left overs or eat the food Sister Kaui gives us. 

Things have been a little different because I kinda have to be a bit more in charge now. When before I would just do whatever Elder Niemann would do.  I now have to choose who we visit when we do it and basically everything else.  

 I don’t know if you know it but there’s tons of chickens here on Hawaii. We saw some people cock fighting, everyone does it here.  

Mom, over here they only to phone calls for Mothers Day. 

That’s cool how you all are gonna run some more races. Oh man, sorry I kinda got to go!! I love you all! Sorry for the short email.

Love, Elder Shoemaker 

Maui Zone with President and Sister Dalton - (click to enlarge the picture!)

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