Monday, May 6, 2013

Keeping Steady

Area: Pukalani
Companion: Elder Clark 
Hey Mommy and Daddy and family how the heck are you guys doing?! Church is at 1:00 PM Hawaiian Time, so plan accordingly for Mother's Day. 
This week has been pretty good, we didn't have a whole lot of progress but things are still working out. I got that package with all the clothes in it, it was really sweet. I'm glad that you guys had a good time at that women's conference thingy ma bob. 
We got a new Bishopric last Sunday because the current Bishop is moving to Arizona.  So now we got Bishop Keala, and the brother Van Zweeden as first councilor and Brother Birtch second councilor. 
We were going to go up and watch the Haleakala sunrise again today but its too rainy and cloudy it would probably garbage up there. 
They cut back the amount of miles we can drive, so now the work will be going a lot slower for us, because now we have to be constantly trying to conserve our miles. A lot of times we just park our car and walk where ever we need to go, because we don't got no bikes. 
Dad I see people hang gliding and para gliding off of Haleakala so I thought you would be interested in that.
I hope that Grandpa starts doing better! 
Things have been going good just a little slower, nothing monumental happened this week. Most of our lessons fell through and most of our with dates are not following through, but its still all good! 
I can't think of much else to say...... so much Aloha.
Elder Tanner Christian Shoemaker

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