Tuesday, May 21, 2013

....A Workin' Missionary

Area: Pukalani
Companion: Elder Clark

hOwDy people. This week has been pretty good, We did a lot of service. We had to help some people dig out some old grass and put in new grass. I was the one manning the pick axe so I got blisters on my hand. I  got so dirty I was pretty much black. Then we had to help our old Bishop with some of his stuff cuz he's moving to Arizona. We had to take out the really heavy table and the couches and the wash and dryer. .......And o' man those were a doozy. We also had to help him to re-roof his house. .......And o' man those roofing tiles are heavy! Especially because we had to take them up ladders to the roof. Then when I was on exchanges in Makawao the other day with Elder Bailey we were cutting cane grass. Cane grass is the devil bro. The dude gives me this old rusty bayonet, Elder Bailey got a cane knife. So we just go at it, they didn't have gloves so my hands were getting all cut up from the cane grass.   The blisters that I had from the pick axe were getting all cut up to so I was a little iron deficient for a little while. Then the other day we worked on the roof some more and that was kinda sketchy.  I was right next to the edge the entire time.

One of the pictures is Pulehu just chillin in a cloud,

 the other one is just a sun set that looked nice

and the other one is the view from the drive down from Haleakala.

I'm on exchanges with Elder King today from Makawao, and we get to go on a Zone exchange also for tomorrow. I'll probably go to Lahaina in the Tongan ward maybe.

Thanks for the video that was pretty cool! ....and good job with the Ogden Marathon Dad! O yea and thanks for the package that you sent me. I liked the CD and the pens and the decoration and the picture. It was pretty nice! That's cool that Landon is life-guarding, it probably feels good to be guarding lives.

Makawao has a baptism this Saturday, they haven't had one for a while so that's cool, His name is Ikaika. O yea and we had President interviews this week and we had an AP with us for a day. President Dalton goes home pretty soon, I'm sure it will be different with a new Mission President.

Its been really kinda cloudy and rainy in upcountry for a little while. I actually think its pretty nice.

The end of the transfer is coming pretty soon, so that means that I probably be going back to Oahu. I think it will be good, because I'll probably be spending most of my mission there, so I should probably start to get to know Oahu and that cities there and stuff. I'm sure I'll be back to Maui for sure.  But thank you guys for everything that you do for me! I Love you guys so much. I'll see you guys when I'm pau hana. {Actual Hawaiian phrase. Means "after work"}

Elder Tanner Shoemaker

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