Monday, March 11, 2013

Lovin' the Island of Maui

Area:  Pukalani, Maui
Companion:  Elder Niemann

Ok well I'm here now and I have 44 minutes. Well yes, it was transfer week, and I wasn't even worried  because there was no way I was being transferred. Our Zone Leader Elder Mortensen will be an AP, he's leaving probably right about now. We have 3 Elders who are going home, they call them "dieing missionaries". It's Elder Seirfert, my district leader, and Elder Wagner and Elder Cope. But I think that new missionaries sometime get transferred. Elder Threet who was on Molokai got transferred, but that's because there's only 4 elders there right now.  There's only 2 sister missionaries on Lanai too.

I think I'm gonna be sad when I get transferred off of Maui, because the likelihood of me coming back is not that high.  It's so beautiful here, and I love living up in Kula, if I lived on Hawaii I would live upcountry Kula, because its sweet! There's the trees and the rolling hills, and I like it how there's always a cloud just hanging off of the top of Haleakala mountain. The clouds are cool, there different shades of grey and white. It's cool how we can see the sun shinning down into the valley through the holes in the clouds. I also just learned that Oprah lives up in Kula, some missionaries before us tried knocking on her door, but she has a gate and a long drive way to her house. She also has the only road to Kihei for upcountry.  She doesn't like to share, so we have to drive through Kahului to get there. 

I'm trying to fill out my drivers license stuff, just need to go to a notary or something. 

We got Doreen to commit to March 30th to get baptized. She's just the sweetest old lady you will ever meet, and I'm totally serious!! When we teach her its almost like teaching a little child. Shes got her chubby cheeks and her pink beanie on.  hehe! She didn't understand that drinking coffee was bad for her, so me and Elder Niemann go to her house in the morning and drink hot chocolate and "talk story with her". That's they way she says it, hehe, its because shes like all Hawaiian and talks pigeon.  Usually its the younger guys that speak in pigeon, so when she says shes "Pow" it makes me smile. Or "da kine" its just funny you kinda had to be there. 

Kelei is also getting baptized on March 30th, we later learned that that day is his birthday. So thats good. Kelei is nothing like Doreen, hes ripped, hes got tattoos, he works as a bartender but doesn't drink. His Wife's Dad is the Temple President of the Kona temple though, and he was actually at our last lesson with him. But yea, he's to be baptized on the 30th. We have a goal as a zone of 23 baptisms and as of right now, if we baptize everyone we have commit as a zone, we should get more than that.  I dont know how our mission goal of 200 is going, they don't really tell us. 

O ya Elder Niemann is from Virginia too, just like my MTC companion. We went on a bamboo hike this morning. It was freaking sweet. This hike is in Haiku, along the road that goes to Hana. There's a dense bamboo jungle followed by a waterfall that you have to jump on the rocks to get to, up river. We saw three waterfalls, but the one after that you have to get in the water and swim to. I did get a little wet but I didn't go swimming ok! I got a nice bamboo stick to remind of that place. That's definitely a place that were gonna have to go back to, because you can swim in all of the waterfalls. I also want to see what the last one looks like. I hit my knee on a rock because I was going super 'Parkour' off all of them, so ya my knee kinda hurts.

I'm definitely getting sick of EFY music, I just know every time I'm gonna hear it at home I'm gonna think of my mission. Because that's basically all we listen to, Its kinda lame but whatever. And yes, we did meet some tourist that said they would call you. We get lots of tourist that come to the Pulehu chapel. I think its where the first person was baptized here on the islands.

Its against the rules for me to email Thomas, and that's the only way I can contact him. So how about you just email this to him OK??, so that way technically I won't be breaking any rules. I don't know how other missions handle things because I've never been on a mission other then in Hawaii, but I feel like this mission is pretty dang laid back. Not that I'm braking any rules or anything but ya its just pretty dang laid back.

Thanks for the letter Watts' family ! and also a shout out to the Wests! Thanks for letters, they were magical!!! I got three minutes and I gotta think of things i need to say.... O ya, I've basically been away for two months that's pretty dang cool.  Soon I wont be one of the newer missionaries on the island!  See ya love you all!

Elder Shoemaker

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