Monday, September 2, 2013

Teaching at the Beach

Area: Hilo, Keaukaha Area
Companion: Elder Griffiths

Hey hows it going?! Things have been going pretty good here, we have the blessing of having the car yet another week. It should be leaving soon but hopefully not too soon. We have been trying to work as close as we possibly can with the ward lately. Because we haven't really been having a whole lot of success, so we have been really trying to use the ward because were kinda running out of ideas. We're working closely with Uncle J.J., Uncle Tweetie and Bishop Auna.

We taught a girl named "J" at the the beach the other day. I like teaching at the beach it has a nice ambiance. We committed her to baptism but the thing is we are not really sure if she needs to be baptized? ..... because shes not entirely there if you know what I mean. So we asked the bishop to go talk to her.

There's been a lot of thugs riding their motorcycles around lately. I think their all just tourists here for the Labor Day week end.

We also committed "T" to be baptized, but because of his broken foot and leg he cant actually go in the water for 6 months. So that's a little bit of a bummer, but there is a time and a season for everything.
We talked with some crazy preacher guy, for like an hour, so that was pretty fun.

Transfers happened this last Wednesday, so a bunch of people left and a bunch new people came in. It's pretty cool!!

It sucks that the Corolla is no more, but it was probably her time.

Elder Griffiths, Elder Seitz and I went to a girls 16th birthday party on transfer night. She invited us and we didn't know it was going to be a big deal, but it was a pretty big birthday party. It was pretty fun.

I'm really at a loss of thoughts to say right now, but I sure love you guys. cya later! Elder Shoemaker

True Luvvvv of a missionary companion!

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