Monday, May 5, 2014

Teaching up a Storm and a Marriage Proposal

Area: Honolulu, Oahu
Companion:  Elder Ewar

​Hey everyone how are you guys doing?

This last week was pretty nice we were able to get 20 lessons this last week.  Such a blessing! Transfers are this Wednesday and I will be staying and Elder Ewar will be leaving.  Even though I'm ready for a new companion....I know that I will miss Elder Ewar.   My new companion is Elder Carter.  Believe it or not he's from North Logan!!  I have met him like once before so I know who he is.  He speaks Marshallese and that will be helpful because at KPT there are a lot of people from the Marshall Islands.

Yes, Mothers Day is this following Sunday, Mom!

We were finally able to get some of our investigators to church.  The "T" family.  I sat with their special needs son during primary it was pretty fun.  Funner then being in Elders Quorum.  So that's super duper nice.

We keep on running into this old lady named "M".  She's from the Philippines and like 77 years old.  It was funny as Elder Ewar and I were walking down the road and she's like..... "Your more handsome then him" a Filipino accent.  She's kinda freaky and asks where we live and always looks at us as we walk by.  She said that she wanted me to marry her grand daughter.  I'm probably not gonna do that.

Chuukese are really quick to laugh at something and can kinda be a little rude at times.  Like for example. we were with a Chuukese family just about to teach them and on of the young daughters lets gas loose really loud....haha.   Everyone in the room is laughing at her pretty bad.  One of the Chuukese girls makes a comment that maybe they need to sew her pants after that and the little girl starts to cry because everyone is laughing at her.

I feel like I'm really eating a every night so I'm getting kinda fat hehe, its all G though ya know.

We have 8 new investigators this week!!  With Elder Ewar leaving it will be harder teaching the Chuukese people, but I do know a little bit of Chuukese not a whole lot though.  Can't do conversation only know a couple words.

Yea well I love you guys have a good week and all that.  I will probably call you or something before Mothers Day and tell you what time I will be calling ya!

kinisou chapur
kene nom
Love Elder Shoemaker

this is kendama and stuffs

this is the Hernandez family one of the nicest family's in our ward

this is KPT @ night

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