Monday, April 28, 2014

Confirmation and Service

Area: Honolulu, Oahu
Companion:  Elder Ewar

Hi Family! Everything is going pretty OK over here. I had the chance to confirm Zashalynn this last Sunday during sacrament and it was pretty dang nice.  They gave me a lei afterwards. 

I got to go on exchanges with my district leader Elder Wright this last Thursday.  That was fun as he was on Maui when I was there.   We did service, like Mormon helping hands, that kinda thing.   We helped trim these two trees at a park and clean up all the junk and stuff.  It was a good time as I haven't really got the chance to do a lot of service like that in a while.  Afterwards we threw around the football and the volleyball and ate food.

Transfers are coming up this next Wednesday.  I'm actually really looking forward to it! haha.

I'm glad that you guys had fun in Boston and all that.  That's awesome how Landon is going to Missouri Independence and I'm sure that is where he needs to be on his mission.   I'm sure he will have a good time.  It kinda sucks that I wont see him when I get home though.   So how long is Josh in Wisconsin for?

Well I hope you guys have a good week!

Love Elder Shoemaker

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