Monday, April 7, 2014

By Their Feet Ye Shall Know Them

Area: Honolulu, Oahu
Companion:  Elder Ewar

Hey everyone --- how are you all doing!??  This week has been good.   I really enjoyed conference and I didn't fall asleep! We had to get up super early as conference started at 6am.  I think that my favorite talk during conference was Dieter F Uchtdorf's talk on being grateful and all that stuff.   Saturday we watched @ the Stake Center.  Sunday we spent basically all day at a members house cuz they invited us over for breakfast lunch and dinner.  It was pretty fun.   I was able to play some board games that I haven't for a while.

Zashalynn is moving to Kailua which is on the other side of the mountain from where we are located which means she's moving out of our area.   She is scheduled to be baptized this month so we will probably refer her to the missionaries in her new area.   We were able to teach the "T" family and their kids.  One of their children has special needs and is very kind.  Another daughter named "A" said that she would like to be baptized and that's always nice to hear.

I'm glad that you guys enjoyed the box that I sent.  The shoes were starting to hurt my feet so I decided that I needed a new pair.  I usually just use my second pair of shoes with the laces to wear to church and baptisms, so they are still fine.   I had duct tape the worn shoes because when it rained (especially in Kauai) it would get my socks all wet.

Elder Shoemaker's shoes that he sent home this past week.  He has been wearing them since the beginning of his mission in January of 2013.  What a treasure!

I love you guys a lot -- thank you for everything!

Love Elder Shoemaker

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