Monday, June 2, 2014

Livin' the Life of a Hawaiian Missionary

Area: Honolulu, Oahu
Companion:  Elder Carter

Hey how's everyone doing! So this last week was pretty nice. Found some new investigators and talked with a lot of Chuukese and some Marshallese.  The new investigators that we found were all Filipino because there are a lot of them around here that's why.  We had dinner with the Whacters last night. I forgot to tell you guys but our ward covers a lot of military people as well.  Like a lot of Navy guys and this place called Fort Shafter.  Yea dinner last night was pretty fun.  Bro and Sister Whacter are both crazy so its pretty fun to talk with them.

I went on a hike this morning.  It was nice and muddy and really wet.  It was pretty fun jumping on rocks and all that stuff. I  met some people at the top and I think they should have sent you a picture, because for some reason I cant seem to find my camera so I didn't bring it.  I'm sure It will show up some where though.

It's nice how Landon had a chance to graduate, that's so great for him. I went on exchanges with a guy from the Marshall Islands.  His name is Elder Seramai.  He's really quiet most of the time, but it was still fun.  These are some pictures that we took while on our exchange.

I heard some people speaking Marshallese so I turn around and I decided to go talk to them.  We go over and Elder Seramai talks to them and it turns out that she was a member but that she was less active.   So that was pretty friggen nice.  Then we went to dinner with a military family.  Then Elder Seramai has an Aunt that lives at KPT who he hasn't seen in a while so we go and visit.  She was so excited, but without even asking us if we where hungry she just starts making us more food!  So can't like tell her to we have a Micronesian favorite.  Just chicken and rice.  Sometimes I get sick of eating chicken and rice all of the time because you can't just eat the chicken.  You have to like dance with it so you can get all of the meat off of all the bones.  Anyway I was pretty full after that. 

We got our car fixed which took a little while.  So ya that's about it!

CYA guys in like 6 months and a few weeks or something like that.

Love Elder Shoemaker

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