Monday, July 14, 2014

Service at Pearl Harbor

Area: Honolulu, Oahu
Companion:  Elder Carter

This last week was pretty good.  We had a great week.  There was a baptism in our ward, but it was the zone leaders baptism. That was pretty nice. Gingerale didnt come to church this last week because she had some work stuff to do, but its ok.   We will try to get her there next week.
We went to Pearl Harbor again this last week and did some service! That was pretty nice.
Cleaning the bunks......

That's a really big gun........
That's a really big boat....

We had the chance to do a car fast this last week. Everyone just didnt drive there cars in the entire mission for an entire day.  It was kinda fun because we just asked one of our members to give us a ride and we got to ride in there Mustang.  He went really fast and almost killed us (not really!), but it was pretty fun.
It was a pretty nice week though. ....So ya love you guys.
Cya later
Love Elder Shoemaker 

A picture I drew of Elder Chen......

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