Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Area: Honolulu, Oahu
Companion:  Elder Carter

Soooooo this week has been kinda pretty interesting.   First, I am being transferred, but I don't exactly know where I'm going.   Elder Garrison (zone leader) went home, which is pretty sad because we were pretty good friends.  It was hard to see him go cuz he has been having a hard time with his testimony so he just decided to go back home to Tennessee. 

There was a bloody friggen miracle this last week!!  A lot of Chinese people came to the temple visitors center and while they where there they all decided that they wanted to be baptized.  It was crazy because they are from China and they were going to go home soon.  There is no proselyting in China.  The sisters in the VC (visitors center) called the President.   President told them to pretty much baptize them as soon as possible.  The only Chinese speaking Elder is actually in our zone in the Nuuanu ward.  His name is Elder Chen {remember the picture I drew of him a couple of weeks ago?}.   Elder Chen is with one of my previous companions Elder Fowles.   So, they sat in front of twenty Chinese people and taught them all the lessons in one day.  Out of the twenty, ten decided to be baptized.  They were all interviewed that same night and baptized and confirmed all in the same day!!   They taught them all @ Waikiki in some really fancy hotel.  Then five of them recieved the priesthood that same Sunday.   Did you get that?  They found TEN people and baptized them in one day.   That is like the equivalent of Alma baptizing 200 today.   President was pretty excited about it.  Those Chinese members are now back in China. Pretty Cool don't-cha think?

I've been in a triple companionship for a little while now with Elder Belnap our Zone Leader since Elder Garrison went home.  They are actually taking out the extra 2 missionaries in our ward so now it will only be one set of missionaries, the zone leaders, which is a really good idea.  I did not like having 4 elders in the same ward at all.  It just causes to much confusion and its just so much simpler when you have your own ward. 

We went to the temple today, that was pretty awesome.   Then went to the VC.  My foot kinda hurts from driving so much but its ok ya know. So well I have got to go.  

I love you guys cya later!

Elder Shoemaker


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