Monday, August 4, 2014

TRANSFER to Mililani

Area: Waipiolani Ward, Oahu
Companion:  Elder Soifua

Hey whats up! So I have been transferred to the Mililani stake and I am now serving in the Waipiolani ward.  It's a pretty good change. Hon West is pretty nice.

{best guess of where he is located, hopefully will have a new address next week}

My companion's name is Elder Soifua. He's from West Valley Utah and he is Samoan.  He goes home in 6 weeks so this guys is super trunky man.  This will probably be a little bit of an issue to keep him motivated.  He loves to sleep and can fall asleep in a second.

 There's pretty much like ONE investigators they were working with when I came.  So we'll definitely see what happens here.  The ward is pretty cool though.  There is actually a lot of rich people that live in our area and a lot of middle class people.  A change from where I used to be.  There is definitely work to be done and I feel if we can keep motivated we may have some good fortune in this new area.   

For p-day we went to this pineapple maze - pretty fun.  Then drove around Wailua and Hale'iwa on the North Shore.  It was pretty fun. So yea I kinda need to go soon so love you guys see ya later.

Love, Elder Shoemaker

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