Monday, August 11, 2014

I've seen worse back home

Area: Waipiolani Ward , Oahu
 Companion:  Elder Soifua

Well this last week was pretty good.  The hurricane wasn't even that bad over here where we are located.  Just some showers not bad at all.... I've seen worse back at home.  

Most of the appointments that we had this last week got cancelled and stuff like that which is okay, we will keep pushing along. 

We played some ultimate Frisbee this morning. 

Don't have a whole lot of time. Sorry it's short.

I love you guys and cya later

Love Elder Shoemaker

Thought I'd (Elder Shoe's mom) add in a little drama and show you all the hurricane pictures I kept track of during the Hurricane events of last week!  I promised I wasn't too obsessed.

Hurricane Iselle over The Big Island

Also was able to get a current address for Elder Shoemaker which is list on the right top of the blog.  Here's is a better idea of where he is located on Oahu.  
He's living in a town called Waipahu.

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