Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hawaii has become my Home

Area: Hilo, Keaukaha Area
Companion: Elder Griffiths

Hey hows it going? This week has been pretty crazy, I'm training Elder Griffiths from Draper Utah.  He's 18 years old and graduated 2013. He's a little bit taller then me but its all good. Its different then being with Elder Kellogg because Elder Griffiths talks a lot more and Elder Kellogg not so much.

Its too bad that Treavor is coming home home {Elder Shoemaker's cousin, Elder Green is coming home from his mission due to an injured knee that needs to be repaired}, I dont think I would be able to leave Hawaii now because its become my home. Keep me updated.

The first place I took Elder Griffiths was down to the tents by the beach to teach the restoration to Chazz. He did a lot better then I did my first time, so he's gonna do fine. We have been doing a whole
lot of biking lately, we saw this cow out in the boonies and I needed a picture. That thing almost charged me!

Mr. Cow.....and Elder Shoemaker
I'm starting to realize more and more that Keaukaha is just one big family basically. I would also say that at least a third of the people that live there are members, less active or active. Drugs are pretty big in Hawaii though. I can now say that I know what marijuana smells like.

Sorry about sending pictures then writing an email hours later, its just the computers are slow here and I like to send pictures as fast as I can, then write the email when I have time.

Its definitely weird being in charge, I would say that I'm not much of a leader, but kinda being put in this situation makes me have to be one!  O ya Alex's baptism went really well!  Brother Kamalamalama (its a mouth full) his good friend baptized him and Bishop confirmed him.

The baptism was super spiritual. Alex started crying after he was baptized and so did his non-member mother after it was over. Its was super good. Our bishop is awesome and so is our Ward mission leader.  They are really behind us in all that we do. I could see us doing a lot in this ward because it was once the highest baptizing ward. I could see it happening again.

Taught Elders Quorum on Sunday - it was pretty good.

We have been pretty dang wet ever since Elder Griffiths got here. I didnt know it, but I guess Hilo is the wettest place in the US. Thats why its so dang green here. We get to go to the the Kona temple next week, so that will be super sweet. Havent been to the temple in 6 months, but Kona is like a 2 hour drive away on the other side of the Big island.

Brother Billy Goat........I'd like to teach you about Jesus?
I went fishing on a big rock as I was waiting for dinner to be cooked at the Mortensens tent after Alex's baptism. I didn't catch anything! I think I need to invest in a fishing pole.

While I'm training I find myself saying a lot of the same things that my trainer Elder Niemann said to me. Its weird! I got to go, so love you guys! hope your doing well!

Love, Elder Shoemaker

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