Monday, July 1, 2013

New Mission President

Area: Hilo, Keaukaha Area
Companion: Elder Kellogg

How you guys doing?! This week has been pretty good, let me try and remember what happened this week. We now have a new Mission Prez.  I haven't seen him, heard his voice or anything. All of the Zone leaders
are on Oahu right now having a meeting with President and Sister Warner.   All I know is that they are good people from Salt lake City and their probably really rich because you kinda have to be in Hawaii.

Elder Kellogg and I ran in to the Area Seventy for Hawaii yesterday, Elder Auna. I didn't know it but he's our bishop's uncle. He said he was at President and Sister Warner's house just a little while ago and said
that we are good hands.

Uncle JJ, our ward mission leader gave a talk in sacrament and so did Bishop Auna. It was on missionary work.  The ward has had more fire in their veins ever sense this whole month Sacrament was on missionary work and that broadcast thing that was last Sunday night. Bishop went on splits with us the other night he got there late without a white shirt or tie. So I told him he could borrow one of my white shirts and ties he said sure. It was pretty funny because the shirt was way to small for him. But this Bishop is a really good guy. He called our ward mission leader straight out of inactivity. Uncle JJ was inactive until Bishop called him as a ward mission leader.   Now he's a pretty good ward mission leader. He can speak all kind of pigeon.

Elder Kellogg cut his finger open the other day with his knife. We were trying to open the baptismal font and the knife failed on him and closed on his finger. I got a picture of his bloody hand.  I would send it but this computer is too slow.

We have dinner and a lesson with "Chaz" tonight down in a tent next to the ocean so that should be fun, probably get some raw fish. We had a lesson with Alex last night, the plan of salvation. I invited him to
be baptized at the end of the lesson, but he said he would have to think about it. He's been coming to church for like 2 months so I think he will say yes.

Elder Kellogg had a root canal one of these days in the past so that's that.

I was having dinner last night with the Aina's --- rice with beef gravy and all that jazz. They had these knives out to cut the meat and Elder Kellogg likes knives.  So he's like cutco these are pretty sharp knives!! So because I'm me I decide to see how sharp it is and run my thumb down the blade.  I'm like WOW that really is sharp --- as I'm bleeding on their kitchen table. They all just laughed.  It was pretty funny.

So your asking about the change with the media since the missionary broadcast. There hasnt been any changes yet, probably because of the change in Mission President.   President Dalton was just gonna
let President Warner do it.  We don't even actually have texting.

We have a car today because the Zone Leaders are in Oahu, so we get to cruse all day today! It's super nice because it takes a while to bike out into the country where some people live. ......And yes, Grandma I got the box and thank you so much for all the stuff that you sent! It was truly magical.  I really dont know what we will be doing for the 4th of July,  probably watch fireworks over Hilo bay?  I dont friggen know.
So that's really all that I can remember that happened this week. So bye bye.

Elder Shoemaker

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