Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Super "chill" here in Hilo

Area: Hilo, Keaukaha Area
Companion: Elder Griffiths 

Aloha people. Hows it going? Things are going pretty good over here.  This last week was kind of a crazy week, with the storm, temple day and the next day was disrtict meeting, then we had interviews with President and Sister Warner on Saturday.

O ya and we can actually text now! .........so that should come in handy with a lot of things.

This P-day we went all the way down to Southpoint, which down past Ka'u. That's like an hour and a half drive and there is like no one out there.  But the water is super blue over there and we saw some green sand. I almost got wrecked by a wave.  It hit me, Elder Seitz and Elder Uaisele while we were on a rock and so right now my camera is really not working.  heheha.

I think that you should get me a shoulder bag like Jack Bauer.

But ya all of our investigators are not really progressing right now. We were visiting this lady, she was a referral, we asked her if she was interested in meeting with the missionary's and stuff but she said "no, but you can have this cat?"   I dont know what I was thinking but I took the cat and brought it into our car.  Then it started to climb all over us and spike us with his claws. So we decided that it wasnt worth it so we drove back and put the cat back by the house and drove away.   {Meow}

I  also decided that we would go back to that house with ton of dogs one last time. We drive in and start walking and all is well.  Then a big hairy dog comes out from underneath an old car and comes at us. Then a whole bunch more so we run like scared little girls back to the car and drive away.

Its been really nice lately because there is an extra car on the island so we've had a car all week! Super nice. But ya its super chill here in Hilo and the Coqui frogs are nice at night.

 O YA and thanks for the box, it was awesome! I had been going on a mail drought so it was really sweet. I especially liked the homemade dried bananas.  You should get Treavor to email me now that he's home or something like that!

There was this crazy lady this week that wanted me to pick up her clothes in Kea'au. I dont know what she was thinking?  We also had dinner in Honomu yesterday as a Zone. It was pretty cool.

Since we've had a car, we have been trying to visit the people that live in the boonies. instead of having to bike all the way over there.  We met with a lot of people this week that left the church because they were offended.  Its kinda sad, but it happens any where you go.

But I got to go! I LOVE you guys! ...and have good life! =) =) :) ;)

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