Monday, August 19, 2013

The Lava Flow of Missionary Life

Area: Hilo, Keaukaha Area
Companion: Elder Griffiths

Aloha family hows it going!? Things have been going pretty good, except for the part where my bike continues to get jacked up. Elder Griffiths back got a flat tire one of these days. Then I got a flat tire after him. I was trying to  fix it when the tire exploded as I was filling up the tire I had just fixed. Then I had to wait for the zone leaders to come pick us up because we do not have a car.   We get to Walmart, got home, then realized we had the wrong size for the tube. I had to wait for the zone leaders to come again to give us a ride to get another new tube.  Then we figured out that it was actually the tire or maybe it was the spokes or something cuz before me and "G Money" (my nickname for Elder Griffiths) were kinda goofing around and he ran straight into the problem.   So I try to salvage some parts from a rusty bike that was behind our pad.  Then I get it to work, thank goodness, because we had to be some where at 4 PM.    So we start cruising along get to the house, teach the family, then in the middle of the lesson I hear this psssssssshhhhhhhhhh PaKow!   Elder Griffiths and I look at each other and just smile.  After we walk over to Bishops house and he calls a member and we throw our piece of crap bikes in the back and just cruise on home. I lost faith in fixing my bike kinda after that.  I think I'm just gonna take it to the bike shop and have a professional bike guy fix it.   But it sucks because its not even my bike, because the bike will stay here after I'm gone.  We can't take the bikes from island to island.  We've been relying on other people lately to give us rides and take us places and all that junk. Basically every lesson we had for this week cancelled as well so this week could have definitely been better!

We think that we might finally have an investigator that could go some where. His name is "T". He has been in and out of jail and prison his entire life, until recently he wants to change his life. Like a week ago we visited him and his leg was in a cast and he was using crutches. He told us that he broke his leg while he was surfing and that the pain was pretty bad. We didn't want to push him so we told him to get some rest and we would come around again. We came the other day and he let us teach him and our ward missionary came with us -- Uncle J.J.  We taught him in his garage (which is basically an outside living room to everyone here). It was pretty cool and he is a really good guy.  He has a bunch of cars around his house that people pay him to fix.  One thing about Hawaii is that there can be like 6 cars in front of a persons home and there will still be no one there.   The dogs think they own Keaukaha.  If your driving down the road and there is a a dog sitting in the road, the dog wont move. You have to drive off the road to get around them. But anyways!  I kinda got off on a tangent.   After the lesson with "T" we gave him a blessing, it was a really cool experience and now just got to get him to church.

When we were out tracting we found this navy seal guy that let us talk with him and he said that he had killed like countless people. He said the only reason why he was so close to God was because of all the bad that he had done. It helped him to become closer to God as he saw how bad it can be and how good it can be with the gospel. Really cool guy, likes talking "story," but wasn't interested in learning more about our church because he had already taken the missionary lessons before.

This morning for P-day we woke up at 2:30am and were treated to a tour that had been paid for by a member of the Kilauea ward. We got to go see some lava flow baby!!!  It was pretty sweet.   The lava is so hot and there is so much lava rock that you have to walk on it to get there.   Lava rock is of the devil!  But its cool cuz you can poke the lava with a stick and the stick like explodes with flames. Then after we got to see where the ocean and the lava flow meet.  Its a pretty good view. It was a nice refreshing walk.  Lava rock is unstable though.... its so brittle.

We made a bet with the Kilauea sisters that they couldn't handle bikes for a week.  So all of Tuesday we had a was pretty funny as the sisters couldn't hack it. Transfers are coming up pretty soon, but I don't think I will be transferred because I'm training Griffiths still.   However, there will be change in the Zone, I just learned that my trainer Elder Niemann will be coming here. He's taking Elder Halls place as Zone leader and will be in the ward. So that should be cool seeing him again!  Our numbers were not that good this week, but you know.... its ok.

I'm able to write a lot today because Elder Griffiths brought this keyboard thing that you can type and just upload it to your email, so I'm trying that out. I cant really think of anything else that happen this week , so thank you guys for everything that you do! Love you guys!

Elder Tanner Shoemaker

Elder Shoe and "G Money" or Elder Griffiths

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