Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Poi -- I Like It!

Area: Hilo, Keaukaha Area
Companion: Elder Griffiths

What up Mommy and Daddy --  hows life in good old Cache Valley? Things are still good in Hilo, everyone here is just so chill and laid back.  Everything goes so much slower over here.

My son, Elder Griffiths is awesome.  I think he completes me.

This week has been pretty good, except for the fact that our numbers were'nt really all that hot.  Yesterday for p-day we went to Waipio Valley. That place is freaking off the chain dog. A member of the Ainaola ward took us there and we had to ride in the back off his truck because its pretty steep. Its beautiful down there and really green. We got to work in a guys Taro patch! It was so much fun, just stomping around in the mud. Taro is like the life blood of the old-in-day Hawaiians and when you pound it you get Poi! The purple looking goopy stuff and I'm not gonna lie I do like it.

Everyone got burned pretty bad from last p-day when we went to south point, but it was worth it. We helped a family pack their stuff from the Ainaola Ward the Naehu's who are moving to Utah.  There is one of the families that loves the missionaries and always has them over. The missionaries tracted into them like a year ago.  The husband was less active but the rest of the family were not members. Over a period of time they where all baptized.   It's cool because the wife had a dream that she was living in Utah and it felt so real, they decided to leave everything and move. All they had was some cash and they just left.   Didnt even know where they were going to live or where they were going to work, just moved. Its awesome.

O crap one of our investigators "K" just called me and said they he didnt want to meet with us anymore, kinda sucks.  Yea both of our lessons for today were with Pono and "K".   Earlier this week we taught this guy named "H" again he's from Micronesia (I'm not entirely sure how you spell it) he has some crazy story's.  He told us how he was spear fishing and this shark came up and jumped right over him and skimmed his body. He was swimming away as fast as he could and on the way a baracuda swam right at him and ran into a wall -- and he got shot straight in the eye. He's a crazy guy, I think we might be seeing him today.  It sucks that "K" doesn't want to us to come by anymore because we had an awesome lesson with him in the Keaukaha Dug out and commited him to a baptismal date......but its all good.

Things are slow here in Hilo just because the way people are here.

One of the sister missionaries had an extra camera, so I scored a free one.  It's nice not being on Island (Oahu) though, because I've only been to one transfer meeting my entire mission and that was my first one. It's because we are waters apart.

I've been having a crazy lady call me a lot recently.  I think she has some mental problems. She wanted us to call a taxi for her, pick this "thing" from the Library (she said thing), and pick up her clothes from a place called HITCO in Kea'au.  I told her we dont have a car and that wasn't really are calling to be a courier service. She's crazy, I didn't really know how to handle the situation.

I hope ya'll had a good week as well. I almost got  hit by a bus the other day on my bike, but its all good.

So thank you for all of the support and I love you guys!

Love Elder Tanner Shoemaker

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