Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A trip to Oahu.......

Area: Kekaha, Kaua'i
Companion: Elder Fowles

Hey Mom and Dad and whose ever is listening........ this week was pretty good.   We went to Oahu on Wednesday and we were able to listen to Elder Schwitzer. It was pretty cool.

Crazy ride from the Tabernacle to the Honolulu airport.

 One of the funnest part was being able to see some the people that I came out with that I had actually haven't seen since I first came to Hawaii,  like Elder Dzieman my MTC companion.   and oh man he's gained so much weight man. You might have a picture of him from before you can compare if you want, but he's such a good guy.  Here's the picture is our MTC district while we were in Oahu.

Today we went on a hike up Koke'e.  The picture with Elder Fowles in all of the ferns can pretty much sum up what the hike was like.

Oh and thanks Grandma Shoemaker for the package that you sent.... all of the candy and all of that stuff!!  Thanks for the quarters for the laundry place too, but I actually have my own laundry machine and stuff so that's pretty nice.  I'll save the quarters just in case though, I may need them later.

Oh man and I can't believe that Josh is home now, that feels really weird. It will be a while until I get to see him.

We worked pretty hard this week, but to tell you the truth we didn't find a whole lot of success. O and this week we actually got into a police investigation, because Elder Fowles had lost his wallet.   We didn't even really mean to go all the way, but some one had spent some money on his card so we were able to trace it to the place where the money was spent.   The guy actually used his card online so we found the where he spent the money.   It was a guy in a house in Kekaha,  which it happened to be the assistant police chief for the Kaua'i police department so now we have like our own detective on the case for us..... its pretty tight.

It was the primary program for church this Sunday.   It's always cute with all of the kids doing that. I like the kids in the ward too.   All the little kids are always like trying to climb on me and stuff and hang on my arms...I like little kids.

Kekaha is a nice place, away from most of the tourists, but we are far away from any other missionaries. We only see them on district meeting day and p-day.  Had dinner with the Karatti's last night their a really nice family. We had dinner with the Nakaahiki's the other night and we had some really good steak.

Well I'm actually getting kinda tired and its been a long day so I'm gonna go to bed k! love you guys! cya later...

Love Elder Shoemaker

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