Monday, October 28, 2013

Fruits of our labours.............

Area: Kekaha, Kaua'i
Companion: Elder Fowles

What up, what up!!!

Aww man I don't smell that good right now.  I just had to take out the trash, it was quite a laborious occasion. This week was pretty good! .........except for the part where Elder Fowles got jacked up! We were playing kickball with some young hooligans and Elder Fowles was running for the ball.   He was attempting to jump the fence, but there was a chicken hole right where his right foot landed.  He ended up rolling his ankle in dat darn chicken hole and then ran into the fence........there might be some ligament wreckage that occurred. So that kinda sucked, because now Elder Fowles isnt as mobile as he used to be, but luckily we had a doctor that looked at his ankle for us that was there.   He told us to go to the hospital.   We went to the Waimea hospital where they took some X-rays and gave him this thingy called an Aircast.   We go back to the hospital this Tuesday, but his time in Lihue.   But hes mostly ok.

The picture of the white house --- that is our pad. I did take a visual tour video of the pad, but it wont really let me send it.   We went out and had steak again.  I have a feeling that I'm going to have a lot of steak here!    Right after we had steak, we walked to the store next to the restaurant and they friggen dropped $300 bucks on grocerys for us, which was super duper nice. We were just walking down the isles and she was like throwing more and more stuff in.  She's like, "you guys like this?"  Then she just throws it in.   Afterwards she gave $300 dollars and we where like dang! man!  She insisted.  What were we to do?  They are so amazingly giving here.  So were gonna go buys some nice pillows today.

We have a trunk or treat at the Kekaha chapel on the 29th and I think for Halloween were going to Hanalei and we might be going to a corn maze. Kekaha ward is awesome, Bishop Akita is really cool. Elder Auna, the area Seventy for Hawaii, came to our ward this Sunday.  He's actually from Keaukaha ward so that was pretty cool.

We're still working on finding Elder Fowles wallet.

Ummmmmmm and maybe some stuff you could put in the box or maybe for Christmas or my birthday could be new set of scriptures, but I think I would like these ones to be smaller size so that I can carry them around easier.   New pants (I'm in need of new pants) and maybe some that are khaki, cool ties, maybe some new garments (I would like the corban kind), some Christmas music for the seasons, new slippers (flip flops) cuz my old ones actually are broken.  I'm probably good on office supplies like pens and such, you should send me my old sling too that might be nice, a new tooth brush.  I cant really think of anythings else at the time. ......except umm maybe pretzels.

We're still working with the "S" family, we think there might be some marital problems though, but where hoping for the best.  When we decided to stop by, he said "we stay busy!" "try call next time."  Then we talked with him as we were going to dinner last night with the Hillises' and he said we could come over this week, their just having some communication problems right now. We didn't do any tracting because Elder Fowles wasn't really able to do all that much, so we just visited people on the part member list. We found a Mom who said that she wanted her son to be baptized and where teaching him tomorrow, so that's always good.

I've been keeping in contact with Elder Griffiths and a kid that he and I tracted into is going to be baptized!!!!!!  Its nice to see the fruit of your labors even though you don't really get to take part in it. Also getting baptized is a girl we were teaching named Jane.  That really made my day.  There has actually been some hold backs with "T" (from the Big Island) lately.

Life is good though and I love it here in Kauai and living in Kekaha. Such a nice place. Cya guys

love ya!

Elder Shoemaker

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