Monday, November 4, 2013

Baptism's Set

Area: Kekaha, Kaua'i
Companion: Elder Fowles

Okay Dokey, so I guess its P-day again which means I'm writing another email. This week was a good goin' week. We were supposed to go hiking Hanakapiai today, but because it was raining all last night the conditions were not safe for us to hike it.

On Tuesday we went on exchanges.  Elder Garcia came with me to Kekaha.  That was pretty interesting, cuz Garcia is getting down towards the end of his mission, so he's kinda a little trunky, but it was fun. Elder Fowles is now in a boot because he went to the doctors in Lihue and they said that he did tear some ligaments in his foot, so thats no good.

We had a trunk o' treat at the Kekaha church building last week, so that was pretty fun.   We got to hit a pinata!!!  Then a little after 7pm that night all the power went out in the entire town of Kekaha and Waimea because a car had ran into a pole.  It was like pitch black.  You could see the stars pretty well.   Our Halloween was pretty low key, we just had dinner with our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Blevins and his son.   We were there for like 3 hours just talking about a whole bunch of stuff.  All of the trick or treating happens down in Kekaha gardens, which is an area kinda towards the end of Kekaha.

We have been working with the "S" family for a little while.  We had dinner with them Sunday afternoon and we just talked about things.  They say they still want to be baptized, so we've set a date for Nov 17,  which is super super good.  They just need to give up coffee which is beginning to be a little bit of a struggle, but their family is awesome, super nice.   We are also working with Lyon and Mojo.   We teach them every Sunday after sacrament.  They also want to be baptized, but for some reason there is a little struggle.   While we were teaching Mojo, a girl named Chas also came in and sat in as we were teaching her.  We talked with her and we realized that she was our waitress at Wranglers, the local stake house.    So kept talking and I eventually invited her to be baptized and she said that she would want to be baptized so we set her baptismal date for the 30th of this month. Which is super cool, cuz it was kinda outta the blue!!  She's part of the "D" family who we had been trying to talk to for a little while.  But everything is going good here! ...and that's all I got to say this week!
Love, Elder Shoemaker

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