Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving week.....

Area: Kekaha, Kaua'i
Companion: Elder Vaitaki

Hey Mommy;

Well hows everyone doing? This week was pretty fun.  My new companions name is Elder Vaitaki and he's from Tongan Island of Vava'u.   He is brand spankin' new.   This week has been pretty fun, we did a lot of tracting and talked to a lot of people.

I liked the video you sent of the family singing for Landon's birthday.  For some reason the quality wasn't that good, but it was still pretty funny.  It made me embarrassed for Landon  just watching it.  I hope Landon liked the shirt I sent, it wasn't much but, ya.

Things are a little different here now that Elder Fowles is gone. Elder Vaitaki is struggling a little bit with the language and so because of that he can be a little quiet at times. I think its because he thinks that his English isnt as good, but its good and this guy is really jacked.   He definitely comes from a different culture then me as I had to teach him how to use the toaster and the microwave.  I think that transfers are good, because its kinda like a new start.

We're going to have dinner with the Lewis Family for Thanksgiving, that should be fun.  Brother Lewis said that he was going to stuff us!!

Right now were trying to find new investigators, because we have been kinda stuck with the same investigators for a while. A lot of them come to church, but for some reason or another they wont commit to being baptized. O ya, Elder Fowles went to Waianae in Makakilo on Oahu.

I wish you guys all a very happy Thanksgiving! Sorry its kinda short, I'm kinda not in the mood to write a long email. Just know that I love you all!

ps.  Sorry about last weeks email.   The internet pooped and I wasn't able to finish my email.

I got curious and had to look up where the Island of Vava'u is located!  The island is so small that you can hardly see it on the map!  It's in the South Pacific Ocean, 'kinda' near Hawaii.  Interesting!

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