Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An adjustment period.....

Area: Honolulu, Oahu
Companion:  Elder Ewar

Ok so how is every one doing?  Hope your doing ok!  I'm doing ok.   So I'm transferred to Oahu to the Moanalua 1st ward.  I live in an area that they call Salt Lake.   My companion is from Chuuk Micronesia Islands ‎(in the North Pacific Ocean in between Philippines and Papua New Guinea) and he speaks Chuukese.  He's been out for one more transfer then me.   My companions name is Elder Ewar.  He's pretty crazy.

Elder Shoemaker's new location (a little off from the guess last week, but kinda close!)

I've sent my new address (indicated on the right).  When I first got here I was kinda lost, but this is pretty typical when I get transferred, especially to an island where I don't know where anything is.  However, I leave Kekaha with 7 investigators with a baptismal date and I come here and we have nothing!  I look in the area book...... there is nothing, I cant even find a map!  We don't have a car, so we have been bumming rides off of there people a lot lately.  We cover an area called KPT.  This place is where there's tons of Chuukese people and Marshalese people.  It a place with tons of people from different places.  There are various language wards that are on the Oahu island that cover the entire island, so we always see other Elders and Sisters from other zones.  We also share the area with the zone leaders and they have a car.   We have spent most of our time in KPT since I have been here. 17 floors of pure housing after housing!!  I don't think that we have the complete trust of the ward either so that is something else that we need to work on.  The area isn't split in half with the Zone Leaders either .... we just all share the same area.  It's almost kinda like a competition and I don't really like that.

I have learned some words in Chuukese though like "rananim" = Hello and "ifa usum" = How are you?  My ward is mostly all white people.   I have to get used to that as well.

Yes, sure I would love to have some pants and if they don't fit me then maybe they will fit some of the other elders here.   It's definitely gonna be a trial, but hopefully I will be able manage.  It's so different though!  I maybe saw the other Elders and Sisters once a week in Kekaha and now I see Elders every day.  It's a big change for me.

Well love you guys! Sorry I don't have my camera cord and cant send pictures this week.
Kene nom
Love Elder Shoemaker

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