Monday, February 3, 2014

Marshallese Party and Brother Otuafi

Area: Kekaha, Kaua'i
Companion: Elder Vaitaki

 Hey so this week was pretty nice, a good amount of things happened.  Last p-day after  had email you we had a slip and slide and oh man it was dirty.  When this island is dirty, everything gets dirty.  It was down a pretty steep hill at the Kalaheo chapel.   Today for p-day we went off roading with some members of our ward up the mountain in their truck.  It was pretty bumpy and we went pretty far in,  I got pretty cold. It can actually kinda cold up here!

But, anyway last week was nice, some parts of it were slow, others were better. We went to a Marshallese party this last Saturday.   That was way fun and they were dancing and singing Marchallese dances and songs.  I did take a video but I really dont know how to send a video by email.  So we'll have to view it later.

Our investigator, Kam'lin is getting baptized this next Saturday and it just might be my last baptism in the Kekaha ward as transfers are next week.

We ate lunch right next to a cliff!

A Waterfall

Yesterday was Sunday.  It was pretty nice.  It was also Super Bowl Sunday.    That Hawaiian dude Taniela Otuafi and his family came to our ward yesterday.  He has family in our ward, the Youngs, so he came to do a musical fireside at the Kekaha chapel.   After church we were invited to the Young's for lunch, so we went and they where having a Super Bowl Party!   We didn't watch, but we could hear the TV.   A lot of the members here actually dont know that missionary's cant watch tv and all that.   So Elder Vaitaki and I just ate lunch and talked with Brother Otuafi and his cousin for a little while.

A little email chat:

Keri emailing Elder Shoemaker:  That's pretty awesome about the Otuafi family, did you know he came to our stake and did a fireside a couple of months ago?  I introduced myself to him as I tracked him down when I was in the Stake Young Women's Presidency to get him to come speak at our stake.  That's so awesome that you got to hang out with him.  His family is so darling!!!  Did you get to hear his fireside?  When his daughters sing, it's precious. What a small world!!!!

Elder Shoe's reply:  Yea I remembered that he did.  He asked where I was from and I told him North Logan and he said that he remembered doing a fireside there as well.

Well I need to get going, but it was a really good week. I love you guys cya later!

Elder Shoemaker

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