Monday, September 8, 2014

Forward Momentum

Area: Waipiolani Ward, Oahu
Companion: Elder Stulce

Hey Mom and Dad --- I don't really have a whole lot of time, but this last week was pretty good.  We are trying to still get some momentum going in this ward as things are moving forward slowly, but they are at least going.  I just went on a long hike so I'm really kinda dirty and my companion doesn't have a library card so I'm going to let him use mine so I have short time. 

Yes I did receive the stuff that you sent me.  Thank you so much Mom. 

We have lots of good people in this ward a lot of Samoans and a lot of Filipinos.  There is a member of the ward that we just give a list of all the food and stuff we want and she goes and just buys it all for us.  One of the nicest ladies I have ever met.  We have some potential investigators that we will hopefully have a chance to teach this week, so that will be good. 

I need to let my companion get on the computer so I will just say have a nice day!

Love Elder Shoemaker

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