Monday, March 3, 2014

Making Progress in the KPT

Area: Honolulu, Oahu
Companion:  Elder Ewar

Aloha everyone!!!   So this last week has been pretty nice.   So first off I think I need to correct the car thing....the mission gave us a car not our investigators, sorry for the confusion.

Yesterday was Stake Conference and that was pretty nice, Elder Dacosta of the Seventy came down. Most of the talks where on missionary work, just like the talks for the past year have been!! Surprise! haha.

Grandma asked what KPT was?  It stands for Kuhio Park Terrace, I'm pretty sure.  Its two 17 floor buildings that have a whole bunch of Chuukese, Marshalese and Samoans that live there.  Yea most of the place smells like pee and its basically for the more poor people.   There are kids running around there all the time.  Actually most of our investigators right now are kids, because the adults don't want to friggen listen.

We are making process with our investigators.  Right now there is Zashalynn who is 9 years old, she'll probably get baptized.  Then the other week we received a referral from a ward family at dinner time.  We went over there the other day and the Mom was like yea I think I should have my son baptized.... so where like shoots yeah!  His name is Ayden.  The Mom is less active and the Dad is a non-member.  They are from Kentucky so they have a southern accent.   Then just yesterday Elder Ewar and I went to a family that we had met trackting.  They were actually members, but for some reason there membership record hadn't been taken over to the new ward, so they weren't on the ward list or anything.  We decided to go back yesterday and the mom said that she wanted her two kids to be baptized as well, so where like dang yeah!   Those were probably the most important parts of my week.

P-days over here kinda suck, because we have to stay in our zone.  Our zone is Honolulu West and most call it "HonWest" for short.  There's not really a whole lot to do over here.   We're not aloud to go into Honolulu because its not part of our zone.  So most of the time I just play with my Kendama (a catch game).   We have quite a mix of races in our ward.  It's way cool.  I'm learning lots about the cultures.   Many of members in KPT are Chuukese, Marshalese or Samoan.  Most of them are less active and it think the biggest problem is that church is at 9:00am and Micronesians like to sleep.  They seriously just sleep all the time.   This area was recently white washed too so the ward list pretty much sucks and so does the area book.  We are working on making it better.   Well, I have to go.... so I love you guys and I'll be seeing you later.

Love Elder Shoemaker

My new companion!

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