Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Countdown Day 1

This is feeling WAY to REAL today!  There is just no way to anticipate it or plan for it.  You do your best to prepare physically, spiritually and mentally.    The only way.....is to walk through!  As my Dad would say, "square those shoulders and do it"! Today I will spend the day with a prayer in my heart to stay strong the next 24 hours and keep it together emotionally, not really so much for me, but for Tanner.   I'm so excited for him!!!  What a wonderful journey and a new chapter in his life he will embark on within the next day!

 Today we packed, sorted, organized and double/triple checked lists!   We were all amazed that we were able to pack up two suitcases and a backpack with room to spare.   Woot!

Uhhhh Landon, I'm afraid you'll be staying!  Nice try though!

 Landon and I made a quick Deseret Book run to find a new scripture case for Tanner (with my 25% coupon in hand - bonus)  and then a stop into Mr. Mac for a shoehorn.

 The guy at the store, said "I have just the thing!"  He went into the back of the shop and came out with a nice shinny new shoehorn.    He said to us, "It's on the house, no charge!" and handed me the shoe horn.  "Wha?" "Really?"  "Wow".    That's a pay-it-forward kind of moment.   Landon said that he gave some loose change to a homeless guy the day prior, so we figured it was connected, somehow.  It's fun to think about anyway!  :)

While we were packing and getting last minute items labeled, Tanner and I spent some amazing one on one time together.  Those are treasured Mom moments for me.  A few tears shed together just he and I.  Moments that I will always cherish.

The hours went by quickly today.  We decided to order out for dinner - Chili's-to-go!  {Thank you dear sister Annie for the Chili's gift card -- came in handy tonight and you help to contribute to a wonderful family evening together}.   Matt made a special effort to be home early from work and we enjoyed dinner together and then played a mean round of Gin, while waiting for the Stake President to arrive.

We had an 8:30pm appointment.  President Pettit arrived right on time. {Ding Dong}  He gave some wonderful words of advice and a most beautiful setting apart prayer to Tanner as a full-time missionary.   Grandpa & Grandma Walker along with Treavor came to be with Tanner during this special time.

Goodbye's are difficult.  I'm not going to lie.  Watching those last hugs to my son from my own Mother warmed my heart and the emotions flowed.  My son is dearly dearly loved.  What a lucky young man to have such love of family in his life.

Treavor hung around for a little bit longer.  That kid loves Tanner to no end.  It was sweet to watch them together as they shared those last moments together.  Hugs, tears and wonderful memories that they will be able to share as they serve as missionaries together. 

Matt and I spent some time evening time with Tanner and Matt gave Tanner a Father's blessing.  How grateful I am to have the Priesthood in my home and that my husband can give a Father's blessing of comfort to his missionary son.    We ended with family prayer....and the biggest group hug ever!  .....and if you think by my words that tears were not shed and hearts were not touched, you would be incorrect.  My eyes will be swollen in the morning and that's pretty much a fact!

Tomorrow.......We Drive!

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