Sunday, January 13, 2013

Countdown Day 3

Sunday, January 13, 2013 --- Mission Farewell Day

Slept in.  Yep!

Peace be unto this house this day.  It feels excellent!!  First thing to bring the spirit into our home this morning is music.  It's a Sunday staple.  Next, updating the thought chalk board.

Tables are set

Driveway is cleared

Floors are swept

Lunch is in the crockpot

Rice is in the steamer

Foofing is complete

Let this day commence....... 

The family started to arrive around Noon, then we headed down to the church to make sure we had enough seats for our family.  We expected a pretty big crowd and indeed it was.  Lots of people there to show their love and support to both Bryon and Tanner.  It was a lovely sight.  They both looked handsome sitting up on the stand in their suits, missionary haircuts and classy ties.  Speaking of ties --- A tradition of a blue tie has been passed down from missionary to missionary in our ward for the past few Elders.  It was really fun to watch as Tanner was done speaking for him to take off the blue tie and hand it to Bryon to put on for his turn.  TRADITION!

Elder Shoemaker and Elder Geddes (hence the BLUE TIE!)
Supportive Friends after Sacrament
Tanner did an excellent job as he talked about the son's of Mosiah and explained the steps of repentance.  He used scriptures, stories and even an excerpt from one of his brother Joshua's (who is currently on a mission) letters about the virtue and power meter.   It was really great to see him conquer this as I know it wasn't easy for him.  He expressed to me this afternoon that he was more nervous giving his farewell talk than he was to go into the MTC.   We shall see as the week progresses.  

After Sacrament we ventured home and enjoyed some Hawaiian Haystacks (appropriate huh?) with the family.  I was able to transform my front from from this............

.........into THIS!


A Journal where friends and family wrote notes of encouragement for Tanner to read on his mission
We all them assembled to the basement where we had a little family time.  A Grandpa visit, along with words of wisdom to Tanner from each family member.  It was a spiritual precious time as we all expressed our love for him and gave him simple words of encouragement and advice.  I know he was touched, as was I.   He is one LOVED boy.   It's those moments that are full of the spirit that it's difficult to put into words.  We all came away feeling even more close as a family, if that is possible!

It was a beautiful day and I'm grateful to my family who shared it with me.  ~ BLESS YOU!

Zac (leaves for the MTC in 4 weeks), Tanner (leaves for the MTC in 3 days), Treavor (leaves for the MTC  in 2 weeks) and Landon (one lucky kid, who gets to be with his Mom for at least another year!) -- Cousins!

Brothers ---- what a great pic!!  Love these two young men.

FREEZING our Whoohoo's off --- Matt, Tanner, Me and Landon
 ....and to top of a awesome day, a game of Killer Bunnies between brothers.

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