Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ninteen years of New Years Baby

Nineteen years ago on New Years Eve, I went into labor with my second son Tanner.  He wasn't expected to arrive for another two weeks, so the news that I would be staying in the hospital to have a baby that night was a pleasant surprise (as I was two weeks over and had to be induced with my first son).  It quickly turned to more of a "PARTAY" than a labor/delivery type of event.  All the doctors, nurses and family   cheering us on and scheming of how to have the first new years baby of 1994.  He did arrive four seconds after midnight and was the first baby born in Utah County that year.  It was a joyful day and I have sweet memories of bringing Tanner into this world.  He really was the sweetest baby a Mother could ask for.

Tanner's claim to fame - News Years Baby article

Cousin Treavor and Tanner sharing the same bassinet

All Smiles!

Tanner playing hide and seek at Grandma Shoemaker's

One of my all time favorite pictures! - Grandma Walker's backyard

Landon and Tanner enjoying a little sunshine at Grandma's.  Who can resist those TEETH and big blue eyes!  There is a whole lot of preciousness going on right here!

Tanner's 3rd birthday.  Joshua is holding back with all his might not to blow them out for Tanner.  If you know Josh, you know how funny this is!

Oregon Coast - Newport Beach 1996 trip

Love this picture of Matt and Tanner flying a kite - Newport Beach 1996

Tanner and cousin Treavor enjoying a little trick or treating!

Tanner's happy place 1996

Still........Tanner's happy place 2012


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