Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MTC - Week 1

January 22, 2013

Well, its Tuesday here at the MTC so that means that its my P-day. It feels likes I've been here forever, even though it only been like almost a week. My companions name is Elder Dzieman, he's from Virginia and been a member of the church for like a year.

The first like three days were some of the hardest days for me, I felt extremely inadequate and felt like i really couldn't do this. We do a ton of role playing here, it kinda sucks, but you just do it.

I don' t really have my camera with me so I cant send any pictures right now. We have like 11 people in our district, lets see if i can remember their names. There is Elder Ward, Elder Jensen, Elder Houghten, Elder Bhluum (i dont think that's how you spell it). There is Sister Lang, Sister Nethercot, and Sister Curtis. I cant remember the other sisters but whatever.  Out of those, only Elder Ward, Elder Jensen, Sister Lang, Sister Nethercot and Sister Curtis are going to Hawaii with us. I'm sure there are others going but just in different districts.

Once I hit Monday I started to feel a little more sure about myself, all you can really do is try your hardest.  That's all God asks.   If your trying your hardest and your still failing at something then just don't worry about it. God doesn't ask you to be perfect, He just asks you to try your hardest. Once you just let all the things that are out of your control just not bother you then that really helps.  I also didn't realize how much music meant to me until I came here to the MTC. Whenever we're singing hymn's in class or as a congregation, it really makes me happy. So I find if I'm humming just a good tune or whistling I can bare things a bit more easily. I really think most of what I'm typing could really benefit Treavor.  Will you have him read this?  Because he's going to be going through the same feelings and thoughts I went through.

Dang, I have 1 minute and I've got to hurry so, I love you guys!!   My thighs hurt cuz I run like three miles a day.  Also, when your teaching with the spirit you get this feeling that you cant get any where else and it just feels good.

Elder Shoemaker

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  1. LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! oh Keri.....so happy, and Im sure you are too! What a awesome kid he is!!!!