Tuesday, January 29, 2013

MTC - Week 2

Ok, Well I got like 12 minutes so here goes nothing. The MTC has definitely been a big learning experience for me and I think I'm learning a lot. I had been struggling a little bit with everything at the beginning, but I think I'm really starting to get used to all this.

I couldn't really figure out how to attach the pictures to the email, because they have a bunch of restrictions on the computers. But thanks everyone who sent me food and stuff. I liked the picture that Charlee colored for me.

We have been teaching a lot of fake investigator lately, but all you really do here is a ton of role playing.  We did have the opportunity to teach people in TRC, and that's when you get volunteers and crap.  Elder Dzieman and I taught this girl named Lexi who was a non-active member. We talked with her the whole time, then bore our testimony's and she said that she has never felt the spirit really until that moment. She said that she would go to church with her friend. So that was a good experience, but really when we try to teach a lesson with just doctrine and all that, it doesn't really work. You have to listen to the other person and ask good questions, which helps them give you good answers.

I'm almost out of time, and Yea I'm leaving on the 5th of February.  They told me that on the first day. I wish Treavor luck, just tell him that he needs to be himself and everything else will be good. Oh man,  I got a 1 minute count down. Its snowing! It has been kinda cold, but bearable. Gyms good. Read a lot. Study a lot. My slip-on shoes choke my feet.

Love Elder Shoemaker

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  1. love it....!
    slip on shoes choke his feet...lol
    was that a hint keri?

    happy he loved charlee's picture.....She will be sending treavor one.:)