Thursday, January 10, 2013

Countdown Day 6

Thursday January 10, 2013

Boy what a difference a good night rest makes!  Slept like a rock.

I have hope for the day!  My mind is clear.  You know what also makes a difference?   .....about 30 degrees!  It feels practically like Spring, but it's only in the 20's outside.  Car is happier, window seals are happier, and nostrils are happier.  Now ~~~ if we could just get a storm to blow out the RED AIR and it looks like that's going to happen!!

 I should be getting my standard storm email from my Mom regarding doing my laundry and making a pot of soup......and she didn't disappoint, it came in about 3:56pm today  {Love ya Mom you make my day bright!)

Today,  Matt helped Tanner with some thoughts and an outline regarding his farewell talk.  Tanner can give talks just fine, but he doesn't particularly enjoy putting the thoughts in words and on paper.  It will be a process as Tanner's missionary letters start to roll tell you the truth, I'm looking forward to it.  I really have no idea what to expect from his kid.

During my lunch break, made a quick run to the store to gather a few more items for Tanner's medicine bag and then went home to check on how things were progressing with Tanner's talk.  There were actual words on the page!   Woot!  I also got Tanner's picture ordered for his missionary plaque.  AND...we were out of tortilla chips!  Geesh, we are never out of tortilla chips.  Sam's club RUN!

Tonight I was suppose to attend Roundtable (new calling in cub scouts!), but we decided to cancel due to the wintery storm blowing in!   This unexpectedly freed up my night and allowed me to work on doing some more labeling and other prep work for before packing.  Emotionally doing pretty good!  About this time during Joshua's preparations I had already had several crying melt down's.  Rocking it.  Fa-rah rah rah rah, rah-rah-rah-rah!

~~ Texting Conversation ~~

Me:   Find the vitamins in your missionary medicine bag and start taking 2 of them today.  We need your immune system as healthy as we can get it before you enter the MTC.  Howz your talk coming?

Tanner:  Its going ok. (11:13am)

Me:     Gooood!  Pray for help honey.  Heavenly Father will help to bring ideas to your mind.  Have faith!  Love you.

Tanner:   Just threw up (11:36am)

Me:   .....uhhh, is this for real or stress related?  Figure of speech?  Vitamins too big?

Tanner:   No, I ate the vitamins and like in 15 minutes later I felt like throwing up and I did.

Me:  :  Okay!  Give it a couple of hours and try to take one, not two.

Tanner:   Ugggggghhhhhhhhhh, I think your trying to poison me.

Me:    No Honey! .....Geesh!  No one in the whole world has your best interest at heart than Muah!

Tanner:   Within minutes of eating that garbage I was barfing my guts out.

Me:    Again?

Tanner:  I haven't eaten another one, but my breakfast is gone.

Me: I said give your tummy a few hours to recover.  You sure are dramatic.

Tanner:   Hey, it was gross.

In Honor of this Texting Conversation

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  1. HAHAHA!! love this post! funny.....can't wait to read his letters to