Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Countdown Day 9

Monday, January 7, 2013

Typical Monday at the Shoemaker household!  A letter arrives from Elder Shoemaker from Holland, I read, giggle, smile, enjoy and post onto his website for all to enjoy.  Matt and I headed off  to work.  Landon to school.  I did come home for lunch to get dinner started.  As a working Mother, I sure love the crockpot!!  My Ranch Chicken Tacos turned out pretty darn wonderful!  I found Tanner sitting in the big comfy chair in the living room enjoying a good book.  I also made a quick stop at the bank to make some last minute adjustments to Tanner's checking and savings accounts.  Making sure everything is in order.

It's been fairly cold in Cache Valley!  Our high was 18 degrees and our low was -11 degrees!   Hawaii is really sounding lovely.

Tonight for Family Home Evening we decided to watch a few episodes of "The District", which are part of the missionary list of "things to do" on Tanner's list.  We each have a list - surprised?   If you know me, you shouldn't.  :)

My List!  All things highlighted in blue are done.......
I can't function without lists.  My list has been making significant progress in the last two weeks.  I love to check things OFF!  Tanner's list is making a little slower progress, but is progressing.  He's not quite as motivated as I am about his lists.  Maybe he will grow to love lists someday. We will get there!

Landon was working tonight, but was let off a little early and was able to join  us to watch the episodes for FHE.  That was a sweet surprise, that made my heart happy.  As we watched the episodes it was interesting to me to really see the life inside missionary work.  It's wonderful that the church has put this "reality" missionary TV series together.  I haven't served a mission but I always tried to imagine what it is like.   The letters that I read weekly from my oldest son, Joshua, gives me a good inside glimpse and it's isn't always pretty.  They work hard and have difficult days.  My eyes were opened to the work by watching the videos.  Such dedication that these missionary have in their service.  I have such admiration for missionary service.

Here's more information on the BYUtv realty show "The District"

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