Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Countdown Day 10

Sunday - January 6, 2013

Today is the first Sunday of the new year.  Our church changed to 1pm.  Pretty typical Sunday morning, we all slept in!  We are down to 10 days before Tanner enters the MTC.  I thought it would be good to journal the next 10 days before he enters the MTC.  Lots of mixed emotions; joy, peace, worry, gratitude, anxiety, love.  Is there a word for all of that?  Yes there is ...it's called "Motherhood."  So I say to myself, just DEAL!

Today I gave Tanner a hair cut (along with Matt and Landon), but I have to admit it became a little sentimental as I realized it would the last hair cut I give him for 2 years.  I've always cut my boys hair ever since they were tiny.  I'm not a professional by any means, but I self taught myself over the years as a basic necessity for our family finances.  I should calculate the savings some day!

Tanner and I team taught the Valiant 11 Primary class today at church.  The Primary President gave me a call Saturday and asked as they were in need of a substitute.  We taught the importance of Joseph Smith's first vision.  It was a wonderful experience to share the role of teacher with my son.  He wasn't all that excited to do it at first, but once he got going he did a great job.

At church I was contacted by the Stake Secretary that the Stake President would be to our home next Tuesday evening to set Tanner apart as a full-time missionary.  He shared with me that we currently have 17 missionaries in our Stake that have received their calls and are waiting to be set apart.  This doesn't include the ones with papers in the works. How amazing!  This work will move forward in leaps and bounds.

The evening was spent double checking Tanner's missionary list and starting the process of labeling his missionary swag!

SWAG in all it's Glory!

As each day passes....and it will whether I want it to or not....I will treasure each moment that I have with Tanner.  He doesn't show much emotion or verbalize much to me, but I know he loves me and appreciates my efforts to help him prepare for his mission.  Our family life will be different and this is just something that I've got to accept as the hours and days pass quietly by.

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