Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Countdown Day 7

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It was one of those nights.  You know where your brain just won't shut off.  At least for me I've found I can't fight it, so I keep a paper and pen by my bed and write down those things that are keeping me awake.  USUALLY this works, but I was up at 4:30am and the mind wouldn't shut off, so why fight it.  Just get up and get the day going.

We are down to a WEEK!  7 Days!  We gauge many things in our world according to a weeks time.  It can seem like an eternity for a small child, yet God created the world in 6 days and rested for the 7th day.   I kinda want this week to go by more slowly than usually, but  I suspect it will go fairly quickly for us.  A week from today we will be finishing up our packing and making the 3 hour drive to Provo.  Tanner's drop off time is 1:45pm on the 16th.  If there is one thing that I learned when we dropped of Joshua last September was don't go too early.   The minutes seem like hours when you are waiting to drive through those pearly MTC gates.

Entering MTC in Sept of 2011 when we dropped of Joshua
Right now a few events are quickly approaching:  Tanner and Bryon's farewell party on Saturday and Sunday's farewell.  Since both Elders are entering the MTC on the same day, it just worked out to also have their Sunday farewell on the same day.  They've been friends since kindergarten and it just seemed right to do it this way!  I love it this way.  They have the same friends and rather than have a huge sheen-dig on Sunday they decided to have a joint farewell partay on Saturday where all their friends could gather in one place.  Thanks to the Geddes family for opening up their homes to us!  They have been so good to Tanner.

Character picture drawn during their trip to CA in Oct of 2009 - Bryon, Tanner and Thomas.  I thought the artist did an excellent job of capturing their personalities along with their unique facial features.  I just love Tanner's teeth!
Graduation Day 2012 - Bryon, Tanner and Thomas (Thomas is already in the MTC and will head out to Guatemala two days BEFORE Tanner and Bryon arrive at the MTC -- go figure!!)
 There wasn't much time for me to work on missionary stuff today between work and American Festival Chorus rehearsal in the PM.  I did manage an hour break for lunch from work where I did a few errands to prepare for Saturday and Sunday.  I'm starting to feel a little under the weather, but I'm wondering if it's really my early 4:30am wake up call catching up to me?  or perhaps the bad red air days in Cache Valley? Time will tell.  I've gotta THINGS TO DO doesn't my body know this?

I was pleasantly surprised when I logged into the Missionary Portal tonight to see that Tanner has indeed been a busy boy!  We are at a 100% Pre-MTC training done!  Also when I arrived home today he was doing some research on the internet regarding his Sacrament talk.  Nice work Elder!!

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